Saturday 9 November 2013

Story Corner #38-That’s Different…

This posting is for ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY.
It contains substantial sexually explicit scenes and graphic language which may be considered offensive by some readers

This post has not be edited, but hopefully it will all make sense

If you don’t know, I decided to write this ‘cause I wanted to learn about the BDSM world. I’m not real sure if I’m actually doing any good, but I’m giving it a shot.

Because I promised a month of blog stories….

Oh, this is a blog story BDSM ménage romance
about a young man leaning the leather ropes from a couple and finding a little bit more.

This blog story miniseries needs to be read in order

That’s Different…

“Three steps forward,” Cass’ voice demanded him. There was no question, no answer, just a command that was meant to be heard and followed.
     Todd was more than fine with that. This was how he liked his sex. It’s tried sex the other way, and all that got him was partners that dumbed him because he was a cold lump in bed.
     Even when he was jacking off, things never went his way, and he only off when he could completely believe the bullshit the endorphins were feeding him.
     Three calloused fingers ran up Todd’s side, making his mind jump, but outside there was nothing. no matter how much his mind wondered his body was in complete control, and that control was completely and utterly in the hands on the larger man who was circling him very slowly, touching. Caressing him as he went along.
     “Beautiful,” Todd muttered as he bent down to brush his lips on the underside of Todd’s jaw.
     Heat, blasted from those lips and unfolded along his body like a cloak had been draped across his shoulders.
     Todd was sure that whimper came from him as his head tilted slightly, wanting more of that simple caress. He didn’t want the other man to leave. Didn’t want that heat to stop, and for some reason he thought that if the lips left him then everything that came with it would disappear along with them.
     Was this that fear that came with the lifestyle? That need to keep them close, to be good so they would never leave you? Was he going to have this bubble inside his chest waiting to burst the whole time he was with Jem and Cass?
     “It’s okay,” Cass’ voice was low, and a slight softness that he’d had last time Todd had seen him in person. “It’s fine, we will stop any time you want.”
     “That’s…” Todd couldn’t finish whatever it was he was about to say. Was he really afraid that they would hurt him? No, that had already been established inside his mind. That was the reason it had taken nearly two weeks from that first time on the dance floor to him here now. The two men needed to know that he really wanted this. That he really wanted to learn from them before they brought him into their care.
     “That’s?” Cass asked that slight hint of steal Todd had heard when he first spoke. It was that part of what was being said that went into Todd’s brain and made him want to answer truthfully, though he wasn’t sure when he’d ever thought he was going to lie.      
     “It’s not what I’m worried ‘bout,” Todd’s voice was so small he didn’t quite catch what he was saying over the beat of his heart.
     “What are you worried about, then?” Cass asked, taking a step back from Todd, taking that wall of heat with him.
     Todd whimpered again as his hands lifted slightly from his side and he wanted, more than anything, to move back into the man’s body. To wrap his arms around Cass and rub up against him.
     His feet, however, were rooted to the stop, because that’s where Cass had put him, and the dominate man hadn’t said he could move yet.
     “You remember what we were talking about on the phone, Todd?” Cass asked, his legs straight, his hands at his side.
     Todd nodded.
     “Tell me,” Cass snapped, his tone harder than steal, speaking of little patients that Todd was stretching.
     Todd swallowed his mouth and throat going thick and dry. “That’s you don’t want a slave.”
     “Yes, that, and…”
     “That I had to always do as you say when we are in scene,” he spoke, trying hard not to have it sound like a direct quote. He’d worked hard at that command.
     “And, that I’m to tell you straight away, truthfully, when I’m feeling uncomfortable, or when things are getting too painful.”
     “And, sir?” Todd honestly didn’t know what Cass wanted from him. He wasn’t sure if there was anything else that was meant to remember. He didn’t know how to answer. He didn’t… what… his head was hurting as he tried in vain to recall a memory of what he was meant to say. 
     Todd’s head bowed, his legs trembled as his hand flicked at his thighs. He didn’t know what to say. He didn’t know what the other man wanted from him, and the fear that he was already getting it all wrong was eating at him.
     His eyes stung as he tried his hardest not to cry, and all he wanted to do was collect his things and leave. He obviously wasn’t good enough for the other man. He didn’t—
     Fingers came up cupped his chin, lifting his head so he couldn’t do anything but look at Cass. Their eyes met for a moment until Todd couldn’t look into them anymore and drop his gaze to the other man’s chin. He didn’t deserve to look there, but it was better than taking his dues on Cass’ lips, when he deserved that even less.
     Cass sighed, making Todd feel worse. His whole body seemed to deflate, his head dropped onto his chest as Cass walked away from him, over to the cupboard.
     This was it, Todd was getting the boot. He’d been right, he wasn’t good enough for these two men and though he knew this, the disappointment of being sent away from them wasn’t nearly as bad as it directed at himself for stuffing up so badly that Cass was making him leave before he’d done more than just touch Todd.
     Todd yelped when one of his hands was caught up in Cass’ bigger ones, he looked down as something cold and hard wrapped itself around his wrist.
     Black leather met his gaze, the contrast of the colour to his pale skin too Todd’s breathe away. The cuff was beautiful, even as he was confused as to why he was getting one, he noticed that.
     Thick leather was larger than the width of Cass’ hand as it rested against his wrist, cradling it, while Cass threaded the belt style lock in place. A thick silver D link rested under it, the heavy link made the whole contraption heavier than Todd though it should be. But then again, what did he know.
     Watching in a silent haze, as Cass picked up his other hand and put on the other cuff. Todd noticed a short chain linking both cuffs together; they were linked by small locks, that was made out of the same polished metal.
     Todd’s hiccupped, and his eyes sprung tears as Cass let the cuff’s go only to cup Todd’s jaw again, connecting their eyes.
     His hands dropped the leather and metal scrapped at his thighs, the chain swung slightly between his thighs.
     So touched by the gesture, as he was confused Todd could do little but look up at Cass, his eyes bright and thankful
     “And…” Cass whispered as he brushed a kiss to the side of Todd’s eyes, wetting his lips with a stray tear. “You are the one that choses to leave.”
     “You never have to worry about us getting rid of you. When you’re ready you can choose to leave, but until then, you are ours.” The end was said with that same steal tone, no question, no answer, just is attitude that raced through Todd’s system until it broke into two. One lodging itself deep inside his heat as the other slammed into his balls making his body scream as an emotional orgasm hit him hard and fast.
     It wasn’t anything that could be seen on the outside, but it defiantly made Todd twitch, wanting more than anything to come for real, because his body was riding up high and close, making him sweat with a need he’d never felt before.
     Todd had never felt this way before. He’d never felt as if everything he ever wanted and so much more. Todd didn’t think he’d ever feel this way with a little bit of leather wrapped around his wrist.
     It was hard to breath as emotions rolled around him, giving him a high he’d never thought possible.
     His chose. That’s what Cass had said, and at this moment, Cass was speaking for them both, so they both wanted him. They wanted him for as long as he wanted to stay there.
     Yeah, Todd knew that didn’t mean forever, but at the moment it didn’t matter what the future held. All that matter was this moment here, and then next and the one after that, and those moments had his mind swimming in a sea of bliss. His cock throbbing in time with his heartbeat, wanting to be touch, to be allowed to come. And the anticipation of what’s to come now, with him standing in the middle of the room buck naked, bar a set of leather cuffs.

Well, I hope that worked… I’m not sure, I’m trying to get one set story out in 4 shorts, I think it’s fucking with my head a little, since I’m not writing them all together and breaking them apart, but I hope it’s working.

Stay turn for next week’s posting ‘Take a Seat’

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