Friday 22 November 2013

Story Corner #40: That’s Different…

This posting is for ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY.
It contains substantial sexually explicit scenes and graphic language which may be considered offensive by some readers

This post has not be edited, but hopefully it will all make sense
If you don’t know, I decided to write this ‘cause I wanted to learn about the BDSM world. I’m not real sure if I’m actually doing any good, but I’m giving it a shot.
So this set is because I promised a month of blog stories….
I’m not 100% sure about this one, but…
Oh, this is a blog story BDSM ménage romance
about a young man leaning the leather ropes from a couple and finding a little bit more.
This blog story miniseries needs to be read in order
                                PART FIVE
That’s Different…
“Make love to me,” Cass commanded Jem as he piled pillows up behind his head, making himself in a reclining position, rather than laying down.
     As Jem crawled up Cass’ body, the taller man ran his fingers across the buzz cut of Jem’s hair. “Make it good, for our guest.”
     Looking over his shoulder, Jem’s smile seemed a little wicked, and then he shifted, his legs straddling just one thigh. This arse curved slightly, so when he wiggled Todd got a glimpse of tight curves and a soft ripple of darker muscles of Jem’s arsehole.
     Todd’s body flushed, he felt the sweat pool around his legs as the leather cradled it up close to him.
     His shoulders twitched, he’s throat tingled as Jem started licking at Cass’. It was defiantly a show. Jem’s tongue pulled right out of his mouth as he moved it up Cass’ muscle. It wasn’t as far back as what a porn would have been like, but then, with Todd stuck on a chair, the camera angle wasn’t going to change.
     The atmosphere was different too. Todd wasn’t sure if this was something that always happened in these types of scenes, because it defiantly wasn’t from sex alone. Todd had experienced that, and it hadn’t gotten him this hot in a long time.
     Sex filled the room. It seemed to twirl around him, taunting him with licks and touches he wasn’t allowed to feel. His skin goose bumped as Jem’s tongue swirled around Cass’ Adams Apple and nibbled on his collarbone.
     Todd whimpered, his hips tried to shift, but they were bound, not only from the chains and brackets, but, from the leather under his heated skin.
     Cass’ head fell back, a low moan poured out of his mouth as Jem’s teeth and tongue worked his nipple, and went and worked on the other.
     Todd’s thighs ached, along with his hip joints as he desperately wanted to move but couldn’t. He wasn’t ready for this. He wasn’t ready for the intense feelings filling him up. He needed to come so badly, his cock had started to leak. The sperm felt like lava was it bubbled out his piss slit and slowly worked its way down his shaft.
     “Oh, fuck me,” his voice was loud in the nearly silent room, as he hit his head on the back of the chair. His eyes closing as his hips tried to work. He needed his hands—they rattled the chain and the locks—he needed to wrap his hand around his cock and sooth it with his come. He needed to spread the liquid oozing down his shaft so it would stop feeling as if fire ants were slowly walking their way down onto his balls.
     It was an odd experience, the heat he’d never felt before, along with the pleasure that slow move was giving him. It was like nothing he’d ever felt before, and he wanted it to last. Wanted to take in every detail of the tail as it made him nearly come apart, if only someone would work his cock just a little bit.
     Cass’ moaned the deep sound snapped at Todd, making him look over at the other man. Jem had moved since last time he’d looked at them both. He’d worked his way along Cass’ abdomen and was sucking—if the sounds where anything to go by—at Cass’ hipbones. Cass’ hand was running down the bigger Jem’s neck, massaging that thick muscle Todd wanted to lick, bite, suck on.
     “What kind of porn do you watch?” Cass asked, his voice slightly strained, one of told Todd how much he was enjoying what Cass was doing to him. That tone, had Jem wiggle his arse Todd’s way, his legs spread open a little wider. His arsehole muscle contracted twice, before he rolled his hips along the thick thigh attacked to Cass’ body.
     Todd blink as his eyes shifted back up to Cass’. He wanted to see the pleasure on his face as Jem teased him with his nibbles.
     Todd could hardly think past his dick, which was throbbing with a horniness he’d never felt before. he wanted to beg them to let him join in. he wanted to beg them to hurry up, to let him see Jem as he swallowed that beauty of a cock. He wanted to command action. He wanted… he wanted to come so fucking badly; it was screwing with his head.
     His body, hot, heavy, tingled with a need to move, to be touched. To touch.
     Cass’ back arched as Jem licked the full length of his body, from hip to hip, his eyes latched onto Todd. Heat. Lust. Want. Need. Everything as a single thought drove those eyes dark and glazed. Yet, Todd felt as if Jem had caressed every part of him with that one look.
     Then he smiled, a wicked, smile, which drove Todd’s hips to try thrusting up. Jem lifted Cass’ cock off his belly and swallowed him down to its roots.
     Jem lifted his head off Cass’ body, a pop sounded jolted inside Todd from the sound. He’s muscles locked down tight. His arse muscle lifted up, making his cock bob onto his lower abdomen. Oh, God, that felt good. A quick solid slap of meat against meat, yeah, it was fucking good.
     A deep broken whimper had Todd looking back at the couple on the bed. The look on Jem and Cass’ face as they looked at each other seemed to be something displayed on a shelf declaring true love. It was sweet, it was full of meaning, and it was as if no one else existed in the whole world but the other person.
     This was the odd thing about the two men. Something that Todd couldn’t truly get. It wasn’t the bigger man needing to submit, Todd had seen that more than he’d seen any other type of porn—which was probably due to his own kink, than anything else. But it was the beauty of love that floated around each man. That complete respect, and utter understanding. It was the fact that Cass didn’t issue demands as if he couldn’t stop talking—or that he loved his own voice more than he did his wet cock.
     What was odder, to Todd, was the fact that there wasn’t really anything in this room that consisted with what Todd actually knew. Other than the chair he was cuffed to, and the paddle, one, which Todd hadn’t really seen since Cass had stopped using it? This scene could have been a setting for soft porn, or a PG movie. A fuck load of emotions, not a lot of action.
     Todd hit his head on the back of the chair again. He was getting pissy, and he wasn’t really sure why?
     Neither man looked at him, even with his attitude running high, making him grunt, but wanting him to scream and shout at the men to notice him. Todd had still been watching. Maybe it was so he could see if they would or not.
     His mind muddled up and his legs and arms rattled at the chains as his whole body shifted, he wanted to be noticed. He wanted to be a part of that. He wanted them to look at him with even a tiny amount of that want—of that fucking need.
     His skin itched all over. Sweat still lingered on his flesh, making the shifts send a light breeze over his hard cock, and suddenly, Todd moan as pleasure pushed everything there was out of his mind.
     He went limp in the seat as his narrowed eyes looked on at the two of them. They had clearly stopped doing everything while they waited for Todd to get over his tantrum.
This is cut because the original part was too long for one posting, the last half of this story will be posted tomorrow

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