Saturday 23 November 2013

Story Corner #41: That’s Different…

This posting is for ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY.
It contains substantial sexually explicit scenes and graphic language which may be considered offensive by some readers 
This post has not be edited, but hopefully it will all make sense
If you don’t know, I decided to write this ‘cause I wanted to learn about the BDSM world. I’m not real sure if I’m actually doing any good, but I’m giving it a shot.
So this set is because I promised a month of blog stories….
This is the continuation of yesterday’s part
Oh, this is a blog story BDSM ménage romance
about a young man leaning the leather ropes from a couple and finding a little bit more.
This blog story miniseries needs to be read in order
                                PART FIVE
That’s Different…
     Why was he acting this way? What was it about being tied up and helpless? Todd thought he’d like this feeling. That he’d grip onto it and ruin the rest of his life being told what to do by someone else. But, apparently, there was some part of him that wasn’t happy with this at all. He didn’t like being ignored by the other men.
     But, why?
     Why was this happening to him? Why wasn’t he sinking into that place he always did when sex was involved? Was it because Cass had told him that if he didn’t keep his head that they wouldn’t have any use for him. Had that been the moment that he’d been waiting for, that one moment that took what he was outside of the sex and put it in his body while having it? Or was there something more than just sex that made him slip into that roll. Had his partners done something that had made him loose himself in the moment of nothingness and be willing to do anything he was told.
     Or was it this situation itself. Was he feeling insecure about something that was happening around him that he couldn’t seem to lose the bitchiness inside him?
     “Todd?” Jem asked his voice closer than the bed. Todd opened his eyes, and looked down into Jem as the larger man knelt at his feet. His eyes were soft and a little unsure as he looked up into Todd’s face. But the thing that struck him the most, was that deeply stated hole in the middle of them all. Those dilated pupils, that seemed so at peace with the world at the moment, and that was Cass’ doing. More, he was able to get that lost with Todd in the room.
     “Todd,” Cass snapped, it was harsh, it was heated, and it made Todd cringe into the seat.
     He swallowed as he looked up at the man towering over them behind Jem’s large body.
     “Sorry,” he whimpered.
     “For what?” Cass asked, “For upsetting Jem, or for the feeling you’re allowed to feel?”
     Todd was confused.
     Jem rubbed his big hands against Todd’s thigh. It was a solid movement, up and back up and down. Something that Todd could get lost in.
     “The point of this is to feel, that’s why you’re strapped down.”
     Yeah, that made even less sense.
     “You have to let go of everything you’ve ever felt before, before you can move on. At least that’s my rules. No baggage is coming into my scene.”
     “But…” wasn’t this…
     Jem smiled, his head shook slowly.
     “This is a rental, when you’re ready, well take you home.”
     “How...” Todd didn’t really have the right to ask that, did he? He’d fucked this up big time. Yeah, there was no way the guys were going to let him come tonight, not after everything he’d done.
     “I think two more times in the chair will do it,” Cass said, “You actually calmed down quite quickly, both times. It took Jem nearly an hour of screaming to get use to the chair.”
     “Yeah?” that kinda made him feel better.
     “Yep, and he needed to come out straight away, we’ve actually pushed you more than we thought you’d take this first time.”           
     Yeah, okay that made him feel better. His heart leaped. His breathing sped up. He’d never felt so full of pride before in his life. Never felt as if he was going to pull a muscle smiling.
     “Now,” Cass said, his tone a little indulgent, “let’s get you out of this and fuck, I’m ‘bout ready to blow just from seeing you strapped to this thing. Jem.”
     They moved quick, effective, and in sink, like they have at everything else they’ve done around him.
     They had him unstrapped, a quick rub of the red skin from where he’d been strapped down, and he was lying flat on his back on the bed, his head at the foot of the bed.
     “Jem, up over him,” Cass said as he stood, his legs’ shoulder width, on either side of Todd’s head.
     Big hands went under his shoulders as Todd watched Jem crawl up on top of him. Hands and knees above him, a fat cock slapped at Todd’s chin, his neck, and his chest as he was pulled up, so his head rest half on half off the edge.
     Todd’s vision filled with nothing but Jem’s junk and arse. Nice firm flesh inches from his face, had Todd salivating, wanting to get his mouth on any—all—of that meat. He wanted to be allowed to bite and lick, and grab. He wanted things he didn’t even know.
     “Shift up, babe,” Cass spoke as his hands moved Jem back so that his hard, leaking—fucking fat thing it was, dark, veined just perfectly, swang as Jem shifted himself back so that his cock was nearly in perfect line for Todd’s mouth, but more, his arse was perfectly positioned for Cass’ cock.
     “Eat him, get him nice, and lose,” Cass said as he lowered Jem’s arse onto Todd’s head, while lifting up Todd’s head with his other hand.
     Todd wasn’t sure what was happening, other than his dream. Hard, sweet flesh became his view, as his mind turned off and lust became his world. Cass’ hand stayed at the back of Todd’s head, pushing him up and letting him go. Though Todd was sure he, himself, was moving into the actions, but man… the man tasted like nothing Todd had ever had before. A slight bitter tang became the description of maleness to him.
     He’d never rimmed before. None of his previous boyfriends had been experienced enough to venture more than their fingers into that area of fucking.
     Jem was fresh. His muscles soft and yet held a toughness that pulsed and throbbed under Todd’s lips and tongue. It was defiantly an experience Todd wanted more of. He wanted to do this with more room. Letting his tongue go from cock head to hole and back again. He wanted to do that teasing dance he’d watched over and over.
     But that wasn’t what he was told to do, and since he’d been released from the chair, he’d been able to float on his own lust. His tongue stabbed at the muscles, getting them wet as he munched over it. He heard moans coming from Jem, but they seemed so far away that he wasn’t sure if they were even happening.
     Once he’s tongue made it as far in as he could stretch it, as long as he held it hard and straight, he stabbed at Jem’s entrance, wanted to taste more, to get further into that deep crevice.
     Oh, fuck he tasted so good…
     His head was moved back onto the mattress by fingers in his hair. Blinking into reality, he noticed Cass standing naked, his cock slippery wet, and a smell that came with lube. Jem’s arse was held up high, and Todd gathered that he chest much have been against Todd’s thighs, because he couldn’t move them.
     “Up,” Cass said as he slapped Jem’s arse. Todd noted with a slight pause at how white the print went before reding back to its normal colour. If he’d been able to actually think about it for a moment he’d realise that what he’d witnessed as Jem’s natural colour was actually he’s arse after a good spanking, which he should have remember since he’s walked in on the end of it.
     Jem moaned deep in his chest against Todd, he felt it more than he’d heard it, and hot, liquid dripped into his chest. The man moved, his slowly shifted his weight off Todd as Cass demanded that he get into position. Which, to Todd could only mean down slightly.
     His head in position to take Jem’s thick cock into his mouth, his eyes watched as Cass gripped his own cock with one hand and Jem’s cheek in the other; he slowly pushed himself into the bigger man.
     They all moaned as Cass grounded.
     “Suck’em, down boys, and don’t be playin’,” Cass demanded as he pulled out of Jem and slammed back in.
     Todd didn’t waste time swallowing Jem’s thick cock. He was so close to coming, he wasn’t sure if he was even going to last after a quick suck on his cock head. More so, he wanted to feel Jem’s fat slide down his throat. He wanted to taste. He wanted to chock. He wanted everything he was getting out of this.
     His eyes open wide; he got the sight of tight balls, and then cock, pausing before sliding back into Jem, and then balls again, a double set.
     It was bliss, and the Jem grunted against Todd’s shaft, puffs of breath bathed his own balls, as they settled up tight against his body.
     Cass set the pace, it was fast, it was a fucking, and Todd melted into the motions, letting his throat open up as he swallowed around the head of Jem’s cock every time the thick head hit the back of it.
     A slap sounded around him, hard and fast, in time with the rhythm they moved in. Jem moved around slight above him, and the next thing Todd knew, a fat finger pushed itself past the muscle of his anus and sunk deep.
     The burn was drowned out by how close he was to coming, and the fact that he got off of the fullness of his arse then position—at least it’s the way he’d been getting off on in the past.
     Pleasure invaded Todd, as his cock pumped out jet and jets of come. His eyes dimmed and the next thing he knew he was waking up, his head on a pillow as Cass ran fingers threw his hair.
Well, that’s it thank you all for reading.
I’m currently putting this all together as one story line, in the hopes of putting it out as a free read by the end of 2013 early 2014, if you are interested in reading it as a whole.

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