Tuesday 8 April 2014

Stuck in Your Head # 92

I’m going to give you the line from the books I’ve read that make my mind crave the rest like chocolate & Coke.

“You’re just as crazy as the rest of your family. You. Do. Not. Know. Me.” Cody said, very firmly. “You are not in love with me. I am not your boyfriend, or your fiancée, or anything else. You have to go back in and tell them that.”
“I’d be lying.”
“You’re insane,” Cody flung at him.
“I’m decisive,” Tristan corrected.
Cody gawped at him as he tried to keep a finger-tip grip on reality.
“Decisive,” he explained, as calmly as possible, “is instantly knowing if you want tea or coffee. Planning out an entire life with a man you’ve barely met is stark raving bloody bonkers. There’s a difference!”
--page 26, iBook
Gay like you by Kim Dare
(G-A-Y #2)
First Published 22nd June 2009 by Totally Bound
Contemporary BDSM Romance
Book two in the G-A-Y Series Cody's more than happy to have sex, he may even be willing to offer his submission, but experience has taught him that's as far as he can go as a gay man. Tristan disagrees Tristan has being gay all worked out rather nicely. His biggest problem with his sexuality is his mother's persistent attempts to find a nice young man to marry him off to. And even that doesn't seem like such a terrible thing when he arrives to have dinner with his parents and finds Cody sitting at the table. Homosexuality isn't working out quite so well for Cody. As far as he can see, Tristan's appearance in his life is unlikely to make things any better. Nice guys rarely stay nice for long and dominants have a way of turning into complete psychos if he lets his guard down. Cody needs to walk away before Tristan tempts him into wanting the sort of happiness he knows he can't have. Tristan needs to stop him
Series includes
Gaydar, Make a Wish, Gay Until Graduation, Anything in a Skirt, Gay for Pay, Gay Divorcee, Gay Since Today, Gay Pride, Gay Man Seeks Same, Gay Friendly, Gay Best Friend, Gayday! GAyday!, Gayish, Gay Porn

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