Wednesday 28 May 2014

Blog Story #5 – Gotta Start Somewhere

This posting is for ADULT AUDIENCES ONLY.
It contains substantial sexually explicit scenes and graphic language which may be considered offensive by some readers.

This story has had some editing done to it, and it’s US English, though when I ebook publish it will go back to British.

You probably really need to read these in order

Gotta Start Somewhere

They ended up at Sean’s, mostly because James didn’t actually have a home anymore. Tim had taken that when they split—or James had given, Sean wasn’t sure on the details. It hadn’t really been the point as they walked home.
     James kissed at the back of Sean’s neck as he fumbled with the keys. He stripped him of his vest, as they pushed their way into his home. Fingers tucked into the thick hair between his pecks as they walked, step for step, into the apartment.
     “Fuck,” James panted as he turned Sean into his bedroom, which was about three steps from the door.
     Pushing him into the room, James didn’t even glance around, but then he’d seen it all before, a simple two stacked king mattresses on the floor.
     “Strip,” Sean said as he shook himself out of James hold and started unbuckling his pants. The moan as he bent over had him grinning; he really liked that sound coming out of James.
     Over balancing worked in Sean’s advantage as he twisted himself so he fell on his bed, his shoes and jeans easy to ditch at that point.  Throwing them away, he looked up and nearly swallowed his tongue.
     James was a masterpiece. Tall and thin, he had a definition that Sean could never get, that tight-lined six-pack shifted down the long length of flesh from pecks to hips. His cock was blushed, sticking out in front of him, waiting for an offer. Cut, perfection, James’ cock was the type that needed to be displayed. To be fucking worshiped, and lucky for Sean, he was just the type of guy that could live happily with that.
     “Love your hair,” James spoke, walking the two steps it took to be standing between Sean's thighs.
     Sean rolled his eyes... he’d seen Tim.
     James knelt down on the edge of the bed; his knees nestled up nicely against Sean’s balls, making his hairy orbs tingle and tighten against their full load.
     The fingers running through the hair between his pecs had Sean’s mind blinking back, seeing the room, seeing James as he looked at Sean’s chest with such burning lust it had Sean’s mouth drying up.
     “Tim was hairier than you.” his eyes flickered up to Sean’s before settling back on his chest, watching his fingers tug at the hair. “It was so thick—thicker than yours,” he huffed a laugh, lost in memory. “So thick a fly would get caught and die.”
     Sean smiled a little at the thought. pressure built up behind his eyes causing them to sting, not knowing what he was meant to say or do, feeling like he was intruding, that he shouldn’t have even be in his own skin as the other man obviously wished for someone that wasn’t him.
     “He waxed it all off when we moved here, said he needed the change.” James swallowed, and then looked back up into Sean’s eyes, the memory past, the present seeming to be everything he wanted, if Sean could trust his own judgment. “He’s not like you, though, he only had to go once a month to get it all waxed off. You—” he scratched at the hair on Sean’s chin “—you’d have to get it done once a day, wouldn’t you.”
     Rhetorical question dickhead, you don’t need to answer, but the thought didn’t stop his head from nodding.
     “So you have a hair fetish,” Sean summarized. That was the reason they were here, right?
     James pulled at his hair, a sharp quick jerk made to hurt. 
     “Bitch,” Sean muttered rubbing at his chest, his fingers hitting James, lingering over the smooth knuckles. It didn’t really matter what James wanted him for, Sean was willing to do anything for this one night.
     James smiled softly at him, which was strange, made Sean swallow hard as the muscles in his back twitched.
     “I noticed you because you're huge. I got to know you ‘cause you’re a great guy, and I fell for you moments after that.”
     Yeah right.
     James shook his head; it was almost as if he’d heard what Sean had thought. “Tim and I were over the moment we came here. He resented me for how everything went down back home, like I was the reason he couldn’t still live that way. It was like we’d…grown apart but we stayed together because we had nothing else, until we met you.”
     Sean’s breath stilled, was he saying…did he mean…
     “I wouldn’t say you were the reason we broke up, but you definitely showed me there was more than living with a guy just so you wouldn’t be lonely.” James ended with a hard swallow, Sean saw his Adam’s apple bob.
      Then he smiled, that smile that almost breaks Sean’s heart every time it was thrown his way. “And this is me proving it. Are you willing to hear?”
     Sean wasn’t sure, but like most of things James had said this wasn’t anything he needed to answer, because as Sean tried to work it out James leaned forward, buried his nose into Sean’s chest hair and suck against his nipple.
     Sean’s back arched, no one had ever cared for nipple play—at least not on him, every single one had loved him doing it to them, but it seemed almost as if they thought, since they couldn’t see his nipples directly, and they’d have to fight to play with them, that they didn’t need any attention.
     Sean nearly jumped out of his skin as his cock was grabbed in a playful tug of fingers while James worked his way up to his armpits.
     “I wouldn—” Sean started but James had already pulled his arms up and was licking at the sweaty hair. He gripped the short hairs at the bottom of Sean’s pit and tugged slightly, using the less sensitive part to create a tingle along his body.


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