Friday 25 July 2014

A Good Cause - Wounded Warrior Project

The Wounded Warrior Project is pretty much, what you think it is. To support, well wounded warrior in a number of ways. I’m not really clear on what it does as I’m more than sure it’s an American organisation and I’m not.
This isn’t to say I don’t believe it’s a good thing, but honestly, I’m not American, and so it’s not as important for me, as, well, something that came out of Australia or was in Australia. 
nor is it saying I don’t care for the cause, I have huge opinions on how governments treat the people they train and send out to war.
Anyway, here’s what I believe the place is to helpout, but don’t quote me on it. I haven’t spent that much time on it. In addition, here’s the Wikipedia link, because that’s definitely it
Kade Boehme, who you can find here, is taking part in this project by donating a portion of his sales to the Wounded Warrior Project over the next several months. So this is a perfect time to pick up and number of his book, not only because they are awesome but because you will be helping out those who need help more than you’d ever know.
War isn’t easy; it’s even tougher when you get home.
And here’s a quick look at some of those books you should really look into picking up, here’s the GR link if you’re interested in see what else he has.
*I want to thank Leighton Rose, and her birthday giveaway for introducing me to this great cause and a great man who’s doing something to help. You can find those details here

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