Friday 25 July 2014

Started my WIP / Blog Story

Yeah, it’s actually started, it may not be a once weekly thing, but I definitely hope to finish this story and have it available to everyone who wants it –free of charge of course. And if this actually works out, I may do it all over again.
This is going to be a New Adult story, I’m not sure if there’s going to be any sex, but I swear to much to be bothered with calling it YA. Also, in Australia a person no matter what sex or sexuality is legally able to have sex, anyway they want (other than with a person of authority over them) at the age of 16.
So this way, I call it NA because if sex comes up they are more than happy to have at it.
Anyway, I’ve already posted 3 times on that blog
1)      Introduction, or sorts – Something New 
2)      the story starts – Chapter One
3)      Footnote of why the chapter was a little shit – Note from when I Started
Or, you can simply hit the ‘In Progress’ page in the top bar and it will take you to the blog itself where you will see all those backwards.
Hope you like, enjoy and have fun as you watch my write out this short story mistakes and all

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