Friday 15 August 2014

Have You Seen / Heard

Did you notice that I put more up on In Progress?

No, well, I did, yeah, finally… click here to go and see

I’m put up Chapter One, completed, will until edits really kick in, that is. This chapter also has quick fix-ups done by me, and highlights in red, so you see what I’ve changed without having to mess around with either previous copies, or have a photographic memory.

update: added Chapter Two last night, click here to find it
I’ve also joined a Flash Fiction Addiction group of facebook. a prompt and a mind zang I got something out, it’s not nearly as good as everyone elses, but it’s fun and I enjoyed writing it, so have a look what I did and then click over and see what other put up.

there also another one I added later in the week called Thighs, this one isn't apart of the group, but because it had been driving me insane all day and I needed to write it out, click here for that one

Also, on some exciting new, I’m going to be chatting on Summer Lovin’ with Manlove Authors that Inner Goddess have put together. The event page link is here 
Anyway, I’m going to be chatting at 6pm on the 16th of August (eastern standard time-  NY) which lucky for me that’s 8am here on the 17th so I’ll be all just woken up and ready to chat *smiles*

I’m actually really lucky because I’m between Andrew Jericho and Morticia Knight.

Anyway, I’m very excited for that, even as I’m sure I’ll stress all night, mostly with trying to think of what I’m meant to say, and if anyone will bother showing up, lol

I've donated a Moonlit Wolves series set to that event as well, for someone to win.

in addition I've also donated a series set to the goodreads MM Romance group, which will be interesting. I’m not sure if I need to do anything for that, or if I’ll just get an email at the end, but there will definitely be a massive thing going on there, anyway, the group link is here.

Please, come, have some fun, there are a lot of great authors joining in and we’d all love to see ya there

oh, and last, lastly...

on the 30th of August it's going to be my stop on Amy Lane's Beneath the Stain blog tour, which I'm looking forward to, not only for what they have in store for me (or do I need to make something up, I don't, and it didn't say but I'm sure that will be detailed soon).

I'm so looking forward, mostly for the serials, to start, but the blog tour will be just as fun, I can feel it.

and that's all, I think... yes, for now, that's it.

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