Saturday 16 August 2014

My Sexy Saturday #55

Welcome to the 55th week of My Sexy Saturday.

This is our nod for our historical authors. Share with us your sexy carriage ride for the world to see! While some of you may be sad and think this is only for our historic authors, think again. A sexy carriage ride can be in a space ship, a ’67 Mustang or a covered wagon. Can you remember your first sexy carriage ride?

Hmm…. I don’t write or even really read historical, but have I put some loving in a car…? um, apparently no I have not. um...ok, so...
Ok, so, this isn’t really all that ‘sexy’ as it’s the first moment that Brad saw Kyle after he’d left for years, but it’s the only moment I have of anything near or around a car, that I can remember. Hope you enjoy (and I would have made it a different scene, but really, I’m more than sure we’ll get there – let’s hope coming up is a ‘public place’ moment and we’ll get one of my fav scenes *wink*)
Cold sweat slid down Brad’s back as his fingers stung from the hold he had on the door frame. He wasn’t sure if it was from the angle or his death grip, but he couldn’t seem to get himself to let go.
Fuck him! Coming back here was a favour, something he was excited about, even if terrified of what was to come. He didn’t want to run into anyone he knew, and he didn’t think he would have, being this early in the morning.
Yet, here he was, standing, staring at the very man he really didn’t want to see again. Even as he hoped this very thing would happen, it didn’t mean he was able or ready to deal with it. Just a back-of-the-mind hope.
He was a horrible person, still lusting over a man he could never have.
Kyle was still handsome as hell. So much so, that Brad had yet to look away from him to see Gene and James. Tall and broad, with sharp features that somehow were softened by the roughness of his beard. His eyes, Brad knew, were deep blue, almost black. It was a memory that was playing over the real image that was just a foot too far away with the light just this side of too dark. That too, and the man’s eyes sank into his face a little, so maybe you wouldn’t have been able to tell from this distance anyway.
Brad shook his head. Why he was thinking about such a mundane point when he should have been remembering the fuck-up he created and the loss that happened after it?
Pete was his fault. It was entirely his fault, and was one of the real reasons he had no problem coming back home when Michael had told him the specifics about this case. Too much of it was like that night for Brad not to want to help, even if his help turned him into cannon fodder
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  1. Intriguing...nice snippet this week :D

  2. Ah, angst and conflict make for an interesting story, right?