Friday, 8 August 2014

TBR Pile, of Novels

Thanks to Dreamspinner I have added a whole pile of new novels to my already semi large to-be-read pile, all of which are just waiting for me to get around to them. But I’m not a hug reader of novels, mostly because they take up way to much of my time (actually that’s the only reason)

But I looked at my growing list, and a thought struck me. what if I didn’t a monthly highlight of one…? and that’s basically where the though ends.

So it’s new to me, and if you know something you’d like to see me do, then comment with the idea and I’ll see what I can come up with.

Maybe some author interview, a except… and a review of what I thought at the end – maybe even a few snips, or post from others who have read the book. I don’t know, it’s fresh it’s still spinning. I’m not even sure if I have the time, but I really want to read the books, and I believe the only way that will happen is if I have a reason to stop for a day just to read a book – it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to justify that to myself.

Anyway, here’s the list. So you want to see something then comment. You want to push a book, comment, and I’ll definitely push it up the list. Give me a reason to love it
*sorry if I spelt name wrong

ALEXANDER, Dani: Shattered Glass
CHBOSKY, Stephen: The Perks of Being a Wallflower
COLE, Kresley: Demon from the Dark, Lothaire, MacRieve
DE PIERRES, Mareianne: Shine Light
DUCROU, Daniel: The Byron Journal
EAGAR, Kirsty: Saltwater Vampire
FEEHAN, Christine: Leopard’s Prey  
GARDNER, Scot: The Dean I Know
HAMILTON, Laurell K: Kiss the Dead, Affliction
HARRIS, Charlaine: Deadlocked, Dead Ever After
HAYES, Erica: Shadowglass
KENYON, Sherrilyn: Retribution, Time Untime, Styxx, Inferno,
KENYON & LOVE, Sherrilyn Dianna: The Curse, Rise of the Gryphon
LANYON, Josh: Come Unto These Yellow Sands, All She Wrote
LEVITHAN, David: How the Met, Are We There Yet, Every Day, Two Boys Kissing
LYGA, Barry: I Hunt Killers
McDOWELL, Beck: This Is Not A Drill
MUSSI, Sarah: Siege
OLIVER, Jana: Forgiven, Foretold
PAPADEMETRIOU, Lisa: fire’s fury
RIORDAN, Rick: Percy Jackson and the Sea Monster, PJ and the Titan’s Curse
ROTH, Veronica: Insurgent, Allegiant
SHOWALTER, Gena: Darkest Cravings, Wicked Nights
WARD, JR: The King, Rapture, Possession
WEATHERLY, Lisa: Angel Fire, Angel Fever
ZUSAK, Markus: Fighting Ruben Wolfe

ebooks   (some don’t quick fit, but are in the file so I added them)
ALEXANDER, Kindle: Always
ALLORA, Z: The Great Wall
ALVA, Sara: Silent
ANTHONY, Shira: Stealing the Wind
BARD, Sandra: Bound by Guilt
BARNABY, JP: A Heart for Robbie, Aaron, Spencer
BONASTE, Sophie: The Sacrifices We Make
BONEY, Brad: The Nothingness of Ben
BROWN, Sue: The Isle of…Where?
C, Cardeno: Wake Me Up Inside
CALMES, Mary: Floodgates, Control, Mine, All Kinds of Tided Down
CANE, Trina: In Dreams He Came
CATES, Skylar M: The Guy from Glamour
CELESTE, Mercy: Shift in Time, Under a Crescent Moon
COCHET, Charlie: Hell & High Water
CONNOR, Shae: Sand & Water
DANE, Cameron: Knowing Caleb, Quick to the Hunt, Dreaming in Color
DUNCAN, Grace R: No Sacrifice
EMRYS, Phoenix: Valley of Shadows
FLEET, Suki: This Is Not a Love Story
FLORES, Jacob Z: When Love Takes Over
FORD, MA: Track Limits
GORDON, Andrew Q: Purpose
HENRY & ROCK, Lisa JA: Mark Cooper vs America
INMAN, John: Spirit
JAMES, Jayson: Finding Our Way
KANE, Cat: Human Nature
KOEHLER, Christopher: First Impressions
LANE, Amy: The Locker Room, Bole Hole, Chase in Shadow, Behind the Curtain, Triane’s Son Rising
LEVITHAN, David: Boy Meets Boy
LOVELESS, JR: His Salvation
MAC NICOL, Susan: Waiting for Rain
MARLOWE, Finn: Not His Kiss to Take
McBRIDE, Belinda: Silver/Steel
O’SHEA & VAUGHN, MJ Piper: Moonlight Becomes You
O’RILEY, Tempeste: Designs of Desire
OWENS, Zahra: The Hand-Me-Down
PETERS, Mal: Bombora
REED, Rick R: Dinner at Home, Bashed, Hungry Love, Caregiver
ROWAN, Isabelle: Ink
SAMMS, Jaime: Not As Easy To Love
SINGER, Aundrea: Black Hawk Tattoo
SPEEDWELL, Rowan: Finding Zach
SYLVRE, Lou: Loving Luki Vasquez
THOMAS, AJ: Holding Out for a Fairy Tale
URBAN & ROUX, Madeleine Abigail: Cut & Run, Warrior’s Cross
VAUGHN, Indra: The House on Handcock Hill
VOS, Max: The V Unit
WALKER, NR: Sixty Five Hours
WALL, Brandon: The Shattered Door
WELLS & WILLIAMS, KC Parker: Someone to Keep Me

And that’s that, btw, this is only my novels, it’s the smallest pile I have, as I'm sure you can all tell. really, you should see my novella list.

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