Saturday 9 August 2014

My Sexy Saturday Week 54

Welcome to the 54th week of My Sexy Saturday.

This week share with us your characters who to know they’re sexy. Or maybe the ones who don’t know they’re sexy. Choices, choices. This reminds us of the old Rod Stewart song of the same name. Come on baby, let me know!

My problem with this week… well I’m not actually sure I have a character that fits that profile (and quite honestly, until I can be bothered looking it up, I don’t actually know what a Rod Stuart song is…)
So, again, it’s pretty simple, it’s the number 7 game, and if you want full details, as well as who else is participating click here

This is coming out on Moonlit Wolves #4: Taking Control of My Werewolf, and yeah I understand I’ve done this one before, but when I only have 7 books published and this is a weekly thing…

Anyway, this is actually 8 paragraphs, and this moment is the start of Eamon and Chris sexual relationship, the moment the tables are turned:

Chris shrugged, “Sure. I know your type.” He was getting a little nervous at the spark that was lighting itself up in the other man’s eyes.
Eamon’s smile turned down right wicked, “I seriously doubt that.”
Chris swallowed hard as his mouth started to dry out.
“Hell, I’d even wager a bet as to say, you have no idea what my type is.”
Chris felt his body break out into a sweat as Eamon took a step forward. That cool controlled air that Eamon always had around him tightened up. The control was still there, so was the cool, but it was backed by something hard and tough that had Chris trembling with need.
Chris’ back went straighter from the slight tingle of fear running though him. It was one thing to feel it—you defiantly didn’t show it. He’d learnt that young. His arms dropped to his side.
“What is your type, then?” Chris asked, his voice a lot softer than he’d ever want it to be.
Eamon’s smile grew small fangs, “Come to my house, and find out.”

Now for my pimping, this is the 4th book in a series that’s best advised to be read in order. If you’re interested either click here or if you wish to buy, you can start with the publishers here


  1. Will he or won't he? I hope he does.

    1. Youll have to read and find out, lol - tho im sure he does, the real question is whats he in for when he gets there ;)

  2. Love this excerpt, makes me want to read more!

    1. Than my work here is done, lol - thanks tho im glad i stuck with this moment now

  3. It sounds to me like Eamon thinks he's sexy, and he's probably right, so I think the snippet fits the theme. Chris seems to be in real trouble here, but nothing he won't enjoy. ;)

    1. :D its funny what you dont see when there your own characters. But you saying this had me looking back and realising your right, and in all rights, from ourside looking in, he probably is ;)

  4. Get his address, Chris! Go to his house! Great snip for My Sexy Saturday :)