Monday, 11 August 2014

Writers Block

All these words inside my head, ringing, singing, and playing there part. Telling me what I need to know, what’s about to happen next, what what what what…
Making a mess out of my concentration. Making a mess out of my…ah…um…
And like with all good blocks, I get that point where I can sit in front of the computer, the keys under my fingers, my mind calling all words to the front, to flow, roll out my fingers. Hurry, get these out of me, let me breathe… let me think of something, anything
And… nothing
Ah, wait, there’s it is, yes, yes! YES!!
400 words later and thought it isn’t bed, it isn’t anything that I was thinking of, it isn’t just the start of what I wanted to say, of what’s ringing in my ears. but these 400 words has taken me nearly 2 hrs and I have family, I have things that need to be done, I can’t waste any more time. Oh, well, I’ll wait, pick it up when the kids are asleep.
Later doesn’t quite come. I generally have 2 ways of going. 1) my partner decide to have a late night on the computer himself (we only have one, we ain’t rich) or 2) I get all set up, and things distract me or is it more that I let it? I’m not really sure, maybe a bit of both. at nights a good time to connect with the people on facebook as we mess up better that way (really early in the morning or late at night) and so there’s that, talking, re-connecting for the day, week)
Then there’s other things to deal with, things that can be done, that don’t have to. Things to read, to look at. Things that are boring as all hell, but you can’t help yourself, because there’s no way you’re going to be able to write anything.
So my plan of unplugging (really wish I could use some drain away shit, but alas, I’m going to have to go old school, with the undoing, and picking out the bits of…things you’d rather not have to deal with, which is the reason you wanted it down the drain in the first place)
My plan, I’m re-writing.
My first thought is that this block is coming from stress, so it’s time to deal with it myself.
Love Without Knowing It (November #1) – publish date 1st November
1)      I need to wait for some money to transfer over so that I can buy the picture then make the cover up, and send out some emails.
·         I have to understand that most won’t get back to me, but I’m at the point that I might just pay the $30 and get pride-promotion to do it (I will most likely use them because they have better deals, cheaper ones, and have a detailed listing for what to expect with each package. Which is important for me, I like to know these details before I even begin to think things through. I just believe that if I go that way, it may only be 8 sites but that might be the only way I can get onto them.)
2)      I’m giving it a full re-through and send it off to someone to give his say, he’ll look at sentence structures and all that
3)      Then I’m going to see what he says and maybe find a few proof readers to see if it’s perfect enough to have it move on to the next step or get it completely re-edited
4)      I want this done by the end of the month at the latest.
Thinking of doing a re-write of Being That For You
This was a blog story I’d like to fix up, get edited, and then publish it. thought I have the thought of linking the short story more, or…well I have lot of idea for this story that I’ve explained way to many time to be bothered going over again. They are old though, and they need a update, even if I just revisit it as another blog story - maybe a yearly thing. I’m not sure I just want to write and this might help.
Re-write something old and turning it into something new
Let Them Hunt (Human Monsters #1)
·      This story was one of my favourite, but even back then I knew it was crap, lol
·      This time around I’m changing the POV to only be written by the male of the two MC’s and giving it a gay twist, though that possibility was there in the first writing, it’s not a love story it’s a crimeish one, a mystery, though I’m not sure if that part was any good.
·      Basically with this I just have to re-write, and change POV’s and fill out the areas he wasn’t in the same room as her when we were in her head.
·      Everything else will stay the same, except get better of course, and … I’m just really excited about this re-write, I really like the story.
That’s all I’ve got at the moment, it’s not like I’m hoping to finish it all I really just want to start writing again, and that these might kick start that for me. But who knows, maybe they will be good and I’ll at least come out with something to show for it.
Saying this, it’s looking like I won’t be having a horror story published this year, I just don’t see it being written nor edited and everything else at the end of September to get it out in October, but I do plan on getting it professionally edited, letting it be something to see if I can find myself an editor.
I’m controlling, a lot more than I ever thought I would be, and the idea of self-publishing appeals to me a lot more than publishers.
Not saying I still don’t want to go that way, I’m just not going to for short stories anymore, or at least I’m going to see what I know will go well with companies, and what wont I’ll do myself.

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