Monday 27 October 2014

Big Things Are Happening

So this week I should be having 3 books published.

I saw should because I’m hoping to get all the proofings back early enough to have it out before the 31st, but even if it’s not I’m sure it won’t be much after. I always had the thought that I could just publish it, but then I’d be asking you guys to pay for something that isn’t finished yet, and that’s not fair, so we’ll have to wait it out.

Still, the ones I’m waiting on are short, and quick, and if anything by Sat, at least one will be out, because it’s already just waiting for the date to click over.

At any rate its release week, and so it is going to be filled with, well release stuff, which include excerpts, character interviews, reviews and a giveaway (even if that one’s been going for a week already)

And to start us all off, because it’s going to be published for free everywhere but Amazon (that one will have it linked with Running Scared) I decided to put Hunted up here, on my other blog for your enjoyment

So, go, enjoy and I hope you find this week fun because it’s definitely full *smiles*
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