Wednesday 15 October 2014

Here We Are Again

Old News: I’ve obsessive personality
Like I said old news.
The problem with this little talent – or fault—of mine, is that I will focus on something with all I am, and I mean, will lose days and nights, and family routine in order to feed my obsession.
I’m not as bad as I use to be. My partner had a little intervention when I first started writing, no, I think it was reading, this was around the time I was pregnant, I think. Anyway, he told me I couldn’t write or read when my kid was awake as I had to pay attention to him.
Now, it didn’t stop me from doing either, but it made me realise that the obsession drives me hard, and I can’t have that be the one thing going on.
But it still drives me. It’s the thing that gets me into a book, which makes me write it. Research it. Want to know every little thing about it. The obsession is what has me writing, it’s what has me thinking about the book every minute of every day.
Old news: I’m lazy.
Once an obsession dies down, and this can happen within the first chapter of a book, or the last. It’s when I know what’s happened and there isn’t anything left but to write it, that I stop. That it takes me a long time to motivate myself to do anything. I’d rather read then write, and yet while I’m reading I’d rather be writing.
Then there’s this fact that I’ve no concentration for anything when I’m waiting on something important. That need to have it there so I can finish it drives me to distraction. All I’m able to do is think of everything I need to do. Of everything that I should change, or should i? really, we’ve been through this already, here.
At the moment what I’m using to distract me, and file up another obsession is the Campus Cravings series. This isn’t a bad way to spend the wait, though my fingers are itching, and my mind is racing. Telling me, driving me towards things I can’t touch yet, and totally ignoring the ones I should be.
On other news, that will probably never work, I’ve made a decision. Or maybe the better word is went back to my original one.
I’m not writing a Christmas Story this year.
It Started with Rain, will come out early next year, I’m hoping for a January release, but it will depend on when I get motivated to write it. I going to have to start over, and it’s the plan on whether putting it in a public holiday would be better than putting it one a general week. I have to think, I have get this one write, because it’s pain and I’m not sure if I’m able to write it.
Moonlit Wolves series, I’d love to write a lot of this series, but as it looks, I’d just like to get the three that need to be written out there for you guys to at least get the end of this arc. The ones to come will, I like the series, but I’m not loving it at the moment and no one deserves that.
·         Protecting My Werewolf, Picturing My Werewolf & Catching a Werewolf’s Attention
No Biggy Its Just a Kiss, this one’s been on the waiting this for a while – a May release
This is the only thing I want done by the end of the year, though I’m not sure if I’ll be able to, even if I write flat out. mostly because 3 out of those 2 books, have been getting giving me the bird this whole time.
And then when I get to the end of the year, not at the end of what I’ve written, just the year I’ll come back, take a breath and set up what I want to do because next year I co-write and that’s going to be interesting, for a lot of reasons.  

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