Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Must Finish First

This is a Newsletter flash post, which all types of updates will be from now on, as, well, that’s who these things go, right?! – but mostly I just need to talk it out.
I spoke of the fact that in November I wanted to start writing my Thriller novel. Not only am I doing something different, in genre, though it will be a gay thriller romance.
I have a thought on how this one is going to go. it’s going to need a lot of research only I’m not sure if I’ll do it before I write the book out or after – it’s one of those books that misconceptions will work better, so do I learn the right way and then add the faults, or write in the faults and then learn.
Book 2 in this trilogy will need extensive research before writing because we will be in the thick of it, there’s no room of errors, at least none that will stand up for more than it takes to be spoken outside his mouth.
It’s got BDSM qualities. Saying this, the qualities are the Mc’s boyfriend get murdered and he learns that he was cheating on him with his Dom. I really looking forward to writing this book, even as it scares the fuck outta me.
 But before I get to that, I’ve decided that I need to finish something. Really, I haven’t finished a book since June, now is the time I need to rectify that.
Running Scared – in BETA reading, and then I’ll start be doing second drafts and looking for an editor
Moonlit Wolves 7: Protecting My Werewolf – max 7K, man, I just want it finished, really pissed at myself that is isn’t. 
·         Sits at 18K
It Started With Rain – min 6K, for Christmas
·         Sitting at 2K
And there we have it, and I’m going to finish it
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