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November - The Month

It’s flu season, or so they say, and with all dramatic up down weather patterns over here I’m not surprised I’m sick. Also no surprised that my sickness includes a sore throat, because after this long in life, I understand my body enough to say it’s the only real sickness I get.
My daughters got conjunctivitis so of course I end up with tonsillitis.
Anyway, this is my second shot at this post, the first one went up and I’m truly sorry for anyone that actually read it, because it was horrible. I can only hope this one turns out better, and if not, I’m blaming the sickness
Conclusion of the Month Past

So if you hadn’t been clued in on this fact (or not scrolled down my blog) you might not know that I released 3 books in the last week. I believed it there ended up being 3 days between them.
Now, I know, I hear you all saying, it’s just too many books in to short a time, and let’s face it, if you’re a fan or have read any of my post over the last couple of weeks, you’d know I struggled. I had such a big arse week. That turned into sickness, yay me!
So in conclusion I will say, that if I hadn’t written a horror story at the beginning of September than I’m not effing publishing one that year, because November series has to have on come out.
Anyway, you can check them out by scrolling down the posts on the main page (home), or clicking the Books link above.
WIP / Coming Soon like Facts
Okay, moving on, I will not have a new release again this year. At least that’s the hope, at the moment I’m planning on trying to actually write, but also to get a few smaller projects done so I can leave myself for bigger stuff. Next year I want to write a novel.
Anyway, I’ve made it clear, recently that I wouldn’t be writing a Christmas story, and then I believe a day later turned around and linked myself up to the Flash Fiction Holiday hop. It seemed like a smart idea at the time, and in many ways I’ll looking forward to writing it. In some, not so much.
The idea is that I write a short story based on a beautiful pic, you can click here to see that for yourself. It needs to be between 500 words and 3K, but they recommend something around the 1.5K mark. It also needs to be a White Christmas, which sucks for me, since I have no effing idea what that’s like. Not only in the fact that it’s bloody hot this half of the equator but even in winter we don’t really know what constant snow is like (or at least I don’t, not where I live)
I have a small idea on how I want to get this one down. how I’m going to make it a white Christmas without actually fully understand this, and yeah, I know, just make it up, but on the other hand I want it to be me, and me is sweating over a roast.
Moving on, I’m in the midst of re-reading and finishing my Moonlit Wolves 7 book, like I’ve gone on and on about, there’s like 6K to write, only I’ve been struggling, even with a re-read, to get back into this series. so I feel I’m going to have to actually read the whole series, real quickly and then write this bloody book.
But I feel, once I get it done, that this is going to be a good one.
Then I’d like to write It’s No Biggy, Its Just a Kiss, which I have the end half running a marathon inside my head, and it’s good, but it’s not…well, I’m not sure if by the end of this story the title will actually work anymore, but we’ll see, since I’m clearly going to writing this one arse backwards.
Then there’s the not-a-Christmas-story-anymore, story Starts with Rain, or something along those lines, which is simmering, to say the least. However, that idea came to me fully thought up so it’s about writing it. Only I need to be in the right mood for that one.
Oh, and with that, I need to add a Life series story to the mix
See, easy – saying this, the list can and will last until the New Year and then it will either be finished or not. I’m not stressing the rest of the year, mostly because RL will have plenty of that shit waiting for me, there’s no sense in giving myself more to worry over.
In The News
I read a post on publicly saying that an author doesn’t read Amazon or Goodreads reviews. This has come from two separate incidents involving authors stalking reviewers for their crap reviews.
First I’d like to say, I have read the victims account on one incident, and a bystanders view point on a authors point-by-point tell-all on how she stalked her reviewer. I point it out this way because all I’ve heard from this story is idle gossip at worse, misplaced and fractured post on the original information, at best. In any rate I haven’t seen that authors actually posting so I shouldn’t take what this one said to literally, but I honestly couldn’t bring myself to press that button, that would let me read it, I didn’t want that post getting another view hit.
It may be a little stupid, and I know one person not hitting the link ain’t going to make a difference but it was like the Olympics’ in Russia. I didn’t watch any of it, didn’t even watch fucking highlights—hell, I’d flip the channel when ads came on about it (and there are parts of the Olympics’ that I love to watch). I understand that my not watching it didn’t really ping anyone’s notice, but I held my ground with that one, and so I will again with this… If it was an account from the victim, then I would have, but it was an account on why and how this author stalked someone and that’s not just wrong, it’s spiteful and really… We’ll she’s clearly snapped like a fucking twig.  
And no, this isn’t me having an opinion, I don’t know all the information to make one, so I’m not.
Anyway, none of this was my point. My point was to say I read 90% of all my reviews, good and bad. If I get too worked up about something in the first couple of lines, I will not finish reading it (which has only happened 3 times since being published). I get angry, and rant, and throw my hands up in the air and bitch to my screen about how wrong those fuckers were, and then I walk away. take a breathe and read it again, noting the things I did wrong, listing the important ones in a file for book 2 or when/if I ever republish it. I try to understand why they say a point that way, and most of the time I succeed.
I will give this guarantee, I won’t like your post (and saying this it’s only ever be goodreads, I forget other places even have reviews) good or bad. I will not flag it, I will not comment on it. I will leave all that the fuck alone, only reading them when I have the need to read them (which is more generally the first 5 reviews after publishing, and then when I click and see). I will chat to people about my stories if they come to me, and I’ll try my best not to get arky, but if you come at ME I will block you, because that’s not what contacting me is about. I have had two or three conversations about my books, and I know they aren’t perfect, I know there are mistakes and I like to talk them out, understand what you find wrong in them, and see if I can clear it up. Not to you, but when I get my hands on them again. When I get to a point repubbing them.
But yes, as for now, I read my reviews. I try not to take them to heart, I believe I’m able to understand the ones I can’t read, the ones that will hit too hard, and I can avoid going through that. But I read them, I hope to learn from them. However, on the flip side, I am encouraged by them (even the 2 or 3 star ones). Sometimes I need to know I can do this, I can be this, and reviews help lift me up, remind me that I have and I will again, and that yes, in some small degree I can do this, and people enjoy reading them.
The Rest of the World
Alright, last two things and we’ll move on
1) I want to give a shout out to all those who are going NaNoWriMo this year. I hope you can reach your goals, and that the people around you are able to understand what’s motivating whipping and what’s going to far.
I will not participate in this venture, not in the future and clearly not in the past. I believe last year, or was it the year before…--anyway, I looked it up. I didn’t like the strict guidelines; I didn’t like certain facts, that might not bother me so much anymore.
But mostly I can’t write 50K in a month, I’m a storyteller that’s chosen to tell them in the way of authorhood, which means, I can think up a plot line, but the motivation of writing, the making myself do it… well, that ain’t so easy.
2) Movember has been running for 5 days now, those men starting out with that shadow, and those who are battling with illness’ this is the month for you. I will have 4 post going on every Friday, that is to highlight, the charity and the books I plan to write in the years to come.
Up Coming Gossip
I’m very excited to say that NJ Nielsen’s and my collaboration series is up to synopsis stage. It happened a lot early than we both thought it would. Which is all types of awesomeness. Though I don’t believe we will be starting to write this series until February
Flashes – In Progress
Simply put I put up a late Flash Fiction Addiction post, mostly because I wasn’t able to think of anything until I saw an unrelated picture that I thought would be great for a future event.
And no, it wasn’t that I wrote it in order to win, that would be stupid, but that it simply gave me a kick, a bit of inspiration that I needed in order to think up a story for this months.
Also I posted Hunted, but you can get it for free, so it’s not all that important anymore.  
LWKI 4 star: Some authors have that skill that with very few words they can make me care about the characters and the love between them and Bronwyn Heeley is obviously one of them.
Love Without Knowing is a surprisinlgy powerful story and the affection and love between Paul and Matt is almost heartbreaking.
Surprisingly little drama was wrenched out of the cancer storyline, which was good, and it showed good taste. I highly recommend this story.
LWKI 5 star: A very touching and moving story that I could not put down. It made you feel as if you were going through this illness with them. This one will stay with me for awhile!
Meanwhile my only Running Scared & Hunted review can be found here
October winner is Sula – even if there were more who entered, I think she’d have still won, her tale moment was awesome!! -- So contact me in some way and we’ll get it sorted. I believe it’s a something from my backlist
This month leave a comment, really, just leave me something, say ‘hi’ and the winner will get an e-copy from my backlist, or a book to come
Current or WIP Excerpt
**unedited first draft excerpt
No Biggy, Its Just A Kiss
The lips against his were soft; the scruff of beard not so much, but it made the sensation more because of it.
A sigh of air heated Tom face as he opened his mouth—A gasp, a startled intake, a sigh of satisfaction. Tom wasn’t sure which had accrued he was to wrapped up in the fact that he was having his first kiss, but either way, he’s mouth opened, bottom lip rasped against sharp spike, and then wet heat.
Benny was Tom’s older brother’s best mate. He was the hottest guy Tom had ever set eyes on, and as cliché as it was, he also held staring roll in every fantasy Tom ever imagined.
To have the guy sit down next to him was a wet dream come true. To then have Benny turn to him, smile that dripping cock smile before he leant in…well, Tom couldn’t quite pull up any fantasy that was hotter. He couldn’t think of anything that could make this moment better, but having it be he’s very first, well, it got that girl inside him chock up and sigh in a way that he hope to fuck didn’t make it out of his throat.
Tongue met tongue. Tom felt awkward as he smashed himself closer to the other man. It was almost embarrassing enough for him to pull back, if only the heat, taste, and feel hadn’t driven him past thought.
He wasn’t thinking of anything, not the fact that he was sure this wasn’t something he should have been doing on his back step. Not when his parents didn’t know he liked guy. Not when Tom was at the point of rejecting this part of him because he just didn’t want to have to be it.
Tom hummed as he hand went up to touch Benny’s face. He’d always like the stubble the other guy was able to grow. At sixteen Tom was at t wonder that he could grow pubes, but Benny, one and a half years older could pull off a full beard. Which he did ninety percent of the time. not only because of the awesomeness of the smugness he had at being able to run his fingers through the hair, but also of the fact that he didn’t get asked for ID at any door.
***okay, so more than likely this part is gone, because I just… well things in this story are shifting, and what’s left, well, it’s fabulous, and I want that to be it’s story
End Note
And that’s it, I believe, thanks for the stop by, and I hope you November is fun and stress free.

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