Monday 3 November 2014

Please Leave a Message after the Beep

So I’m out of the house today, and not in the running errands and taking kids to school type of out, but like grown-up out, where I go to some form of restaurant for a lunch with other grown-ups.
So, today I’m going out to lunch with some of the Sydney Sider authors today. Which at last count I believe there were 6 of us, and that’s a lot, all together, for a lunch.
I’m so excited about it, I think I’ll go thrown up.
And with that you might imagine I can’t think of anything BUT the lunching, which is horrible, because we’ve known this was happening for about a week now.
So, clearly, I’m not here. I’m out, being social, which like I’m sure you can all imagine is scary as all get out!
Don’t forget to check out my new releases, there’ve been circling for a while now… you know, like a day or two, maybe.
And on Wednesday my Newsletter will come out, which is exciting, I suppose, and then on Friday, Week on of my Movember posts will start
And.. that’s it, have a great day all, ‘cause I’m sure I’ll be enjoying mine *smiles*

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