Saturday 14 February 2015

Love is Love – Day 6 & #MySexySaturday week 79

week 79 is all about A Sexy Valentine, which is natural in all lights, and I thought... well, it's kinda an afterthought and if I'd thought about it I'd have put up a different one for today's prompt. but this is what it is, if you'd like to read a different type of sexy please feel free to click on some links, you have 6 days from the Love is Love hop to choose from.
so to celebrate both events, here's the prompt for today

Tears sparkled in John’s eyes as he looked at his child in his arms, and then other at his husband.  Their newborns, both perfect, beautiful, and the best thing that had ever happened to him.
“You’re spilling emotions all over our son,” Brad chuckled, it was his own emotional spill over. Happiness radiating from both of them, pulling them tighter together, and what would allow them to stay sane as they navigated parenthood.
“Come here and give us a kiss before we pay a shit tone of money to have our embarrassment framed for eternity.”
Their lips touched and the camera flashed, maybe it would make an even better photo then they could have dreamed.

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and for the MySexySaturdayers here's the linky list, hope you enjoyed, and I can't wait to see you all again next week


  1. I love the picture. Nothing sexier than dads who love their kids!


  2. really touching excerpt. picture is astounding.

  3. thank you guys :) I think it's one of my fav from the week