Tuesday 28 April 2015

Just Yapping I Suppose

It’s the night before the posting, aka 10pm on Monday night, and I’m trying hard to talk myself into going to bed before Person of Interest while stay up so, well, I can watch Person of Interest.

I really need buy the box set because it’s a great show, but well, it’s the type I believe I’ll get real obsessed about and I won’t really have the time for that until the end of July at the earliest.

But this isn’t really want you want to hear about that.

Sunday I went to the Meed Max Vos event in the city, and yes, it was as great as everyone said, even if I had a near panic attack before I saw Shaz walk up the stair.
Honestly, can’t meet people by myself without wanting to pass out first. And I’d really like to say I’m over exaggerating, which is a thing of mine, but I’m downplaying it this time.

I managed to get myself over there, thanks Shaz, and then had a great time, meeting a few new people, getting back together with some older ones.  

Today, I’m re-reading and sending off me DRitC story. I’m scared shitless that it’s boring as batshit and that everyone’s going to hate me for it. You know, because it’s just the start of the story, but both my betas’ say it’s good, and that I did it really well. You know, for the plan.

The plan is, just so we are all on the same page, is that it will either come out as a novel in 6 months of I’ll pull on the serial. I’m still got eyes on the serial angle I think I have a really cool idea, but the fact is, the story is a novel, and so if I’m able to write it all in one smooth move without needing breaks than I’ll pull it out as one.

It’s my first novel tho, since being published, so bear with me please.

Next on my agenda?

Right this second I’m putting together the pieces for to anthologies of shorts.

One for the Moonlit Wolves series. I’ve spoken of this before and I’ve already got them all ready to go. But I’d like to add a few, just to get all the boys in this first arc in there, even if 2 couples haven’t been written yet.

The other is for a paperback.

This one is with April Kelley and it’s for GRL this year – and maybe next, all my short stories are going in there, including a prologue to Gotta Start Somewhere as well as a short YA that I’ve never seen light of day before.

I’m looking forward to seeing them in print, along with April’s stories, but it’s all little work, in all honesty I believe there’s only about 2K left of actually writing to finish out my 2015 publishing year.

I am more and more hopeful that my year will end in July, and this means that I’ll have the format ready for paperback, Being That For You in proofing, or at least the file ready for proofing, as it’s not out until Nov there’s no rush on proofing it, which means, well, I’ll wait my turn, of course.

Hope is just my insecurities but I know it’ll get done, really, it’s all pretty much there, just a few K and walla.

I’m pretty happy with myself, feel light and airy tho that could just be me coming down from a stressful month or two. But still. I’m feeling good, hoping to keep myself there for the rest of the year as a min, and next….

Oh, I have big plans for next year that I’m going to try not to think about because they are scary as fuck.

And yes, I did stay up for the new ep of Person of Interest. Like I’d be able to resist, I’m hooked.

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