Thursday 30 April 2015

Absence Expiation

You know what I hate most in this publishing world…
1) That final read through before you get the formatting sorted and submit a story
2) The gallery read.

The worse is they are the same thing, both forcing you to re-read the whole book in one go to make sure no one’s missed anything.

Okay, so that more for the gallery then the last read, but then while you’re doing you are doing the same thing, it’s just you hope you’ll change more from the first number then you are one the second

It took me all of Tuesday to read the first chapter (and I didn’t make it the whole way through), Wednesday I finished because I wouldn’t let myself go to sleep before I did so.

I just really hate that finally read, and yeah I know, you read it while editing, that’s true, but unless you’re editing is long overdue and you’ve moved well on from the story. You generally don’t have to read the whole thing to understand why or how the sentences are changed or what it is your saying when a paragraph doesn’t make sense. Tho, that last one could just be more.

My point is you don’t really read the whole story while you read it… okay, so maybe that made even little sense.

But those two points I pointed out those are the time where you need to read the whole book, every single effing word.

I’m sure I’m not the only one that hates this, but I’m in a massive brain fart and have been since the story was finished. I think tho, because the story isn’t finished, so I want to write it, but I can’t because I’ve got so much I need to do before I can just write.

Anyway, A Road Worth Travelling (ARWT #1) is read and submitted.

I made a new cover, I know I know, what for it worked but I do like this one better, and I think it works more with the story then the last one. 

DRitC - Love is an Open Road Cover
Oh, and hey, sorry for my empty blog week. I’ll pick back up today!

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