Friday 8 May 2015

April’s Interlude

Let me tell you before you get a good peek, but this, THIS book is the best book in the series. I LOVED it. Really, it’s a brilliantly wonderful book. You’ll see.

A Tarnished Strength
(Pickleville #4)
Coming May 15th via extasybooks
Contemporary Romance

Violence has always solved most of his problems, but it can’t help him win over a man whose whole life is surrounded by things that scare him.

Brad Flynn had a rough start to life. With an abusive father and an addiction problem, his life hasn’t been easy. He has always been the resident bad ass and the town drunk. Even when he gets sober and becomes an upstanding member of the community it doesn’t seem to change the towns mind about him. If it weren’t for his two brothers he would have no one.

His past doesn’t make having a love life easy either, but when he meets Kendrick Ashby, the local bar own, he wants to give it a try. The only problem is Kendrick has his own problems, ones that make having a violent boyfriend impossible. Both have to decide if dating is even worth a try.

Whispers of Home, The Sum of Everything, Fixing What’s Bent

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