Saturday 27 June 2015

A Road Worth Travelling - LIVE on Goodreads

A Road Worth Travelling, part 1
(ARWT #1)

Just a simple scattering of ashes, which turned into a fight for their lives.

All Matt wanted was to be home, mourning the loss of his dad in peace. Instead, he found himself on a seven-day trail ride. At least the scenery was good-looking, and yeah, he wasn’t talking the land, but the two cowboys taking them on this merry ride.

Alas, things never go as you hope when your hope is a couch and smoggy air, so when shit hits the fan, Matt ends up on the run. But can the boys stay alive to see their home again?

Three dirty men smiling like loons while riding their horses through a river in the rain.


Dear Author,

Our group of 3-6 (your choice) college-age friends spend Spring Break roughing it on a trail ride on horseback. Each of us gets what he can carry in his saddle bags (30 lbs/14 kg) and half the load of a pack horse (100 lbs/45 kg each) in food, clothes, and camping gear. Our trail guide and some of the other guest riders are experienced trail riders (gay or straight, male or female). One or two of us are cowboys, but the rest of us are city boys with no experience in the wild or with horses. We are smart, athletic friends, and at least two of us will find first gay love or rekindle m/m romance on a trail fraught with danger, disaster, and memories to last a lifetime.

I hope to read hot, erotic romance, high adventure, and narrow escapes in the seven days of the trail ride. I’m fine with graphic eroticism, ménage (m/m/m), mystery, violence, paranormal, and even shifters in a largely contemporary setting, but would prefer no BDSM. I hope for passionate men, compelling action, and steamy interaction in route to a satisfying climax.



Genre: contemporary
Tags: ménage, adventure, stockmen, masturbation, road trip, public activity, open relationship, grief, phobia
Content Warning: graphic violence
Word Count: 13,450

EVENT: Love is an Open Road 

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