Friday, 12 June 2015

April's Interlude

This little excerpt comes from the Pickleville series. This will be the 8th book in the series. I’m about halfway through this book at the moment.

**Also, please keep in mind that this is an unedited version.

WIP-Untitled (Pickleville #8)
(This is a snippet from the Prologue)

Caden was acutely aware of Robyn standing behind him with his hands folded together and his head down. Caden hadn’t touched him at all in the time they had been together. The ride to the airport had been awkward and filled with tension. Robyn had tried to hold his hand in the back seat but Caden shook his head. For Robyn that was the verbal equivalency to getting slapped in the face. Caden knew it would hurt Robyn’s feelings which was why he did it.
He was trying to make a clean break from Robyn but that was turning out to be harder than it had seemed when Caden came up with the plan last night. He could see the disapproval on Brad’s face when Caden turned his back on Robyn, completely dismissing him.
Caden shook Royce’s hand when he held it out and then pulled the man into a one armed hug. “Be good to my brother,” Caden whispered in his ear when he got closer.
“Always.” Royce pulled back and released Caden, smiling.
Caden walked over to Kendrick then. “You gonna cook my dinner when I come home on leave?”
“Of course. I know how much your guys suck at cooking.” Kendrick said as he held Brad’s hand.
“I’m coming in for a hug so don’t freak out,” Caden said to him. Kendrick let go of Brad’s hand and opened his arms for Caden. “Make sure Brad doesn’t stress to much. It makes him grouchy,” Caden whispered.
“Yeah, I kinda figured that out already.” Kendrick pulled back and let him go.
Caden looked over at Brad and then took the step to stand in front of him. He went willingly into Brad’s arms. “I’’m gonna miss you, kid. Take care of yourself and don’t do anything heroic.”
“This is the right thing for me to do, Brad,” Caden said as he pulled away. “I can make a life, have a career.”
“Who are you trying to convince, little brother,” Brad said.
“Myself, I guess.” Caden felt something touch his back and Caden turned. “What?” He asked Robyn coldly.
Robyn’s chin wobbled and Caden keep up the facade any longer. He grabbed Robyn around his waist and pulled him into a hug. Robyn went willingly, his arms wrapping around Caden. Caden just held him for the longest time.
“It’s ten minutes until your bus leaves, Caden,” Luis said to him.
Caden pulled back taking Robyn’s face between his hands. “I’m sorry.” Caden kissed him after that and left some of the apology seep into it. When he pulled away Robyn looked at him with confusion. It was the love he also saw there that made Caden turn away from him.
He went right into Luis’ arms then. “He’s gonna hate me so fucking bad, Luis,” Caden whispered.
“Nothing. I love you. Take care of yourself and don’t stay away on your hike to long. Brad needs you, man.”
“I know. Love you too, baby brother.”
Caden kissed Luis on the forehead and picked up his bag. He patted Brad on the shoulder as he walked away from his family. He heard Robyn say his name but he didn’t  

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