Friday, 31 July 2015

April's Interlude

Yep, I’m still on Repeating Love (Lakehouse Security #6). Well, I’m actually done now and writing something else but I’m not ready to share that right now.

(Please note that this is an unedited Excerpt)

WIP Excerpt

Mikkel got right in his face and said, “If your man hurts one hair on Damon’s head, I will kill you so slowly you’re going to wish I had put a bullet through your brain. Now how many men are out here?”
The man cried out in pain when Mikkel jerked his head back by his hair. “Just one. He was supposed to go get Damon.”
“Call him off.” Mikkel didn’t wait for a response. Instead, he led the Avery Bastard at gunpoint around the side of the house. The minute they got around the corner, he saw Damon being held in front of a man that looked like he was on drugs. His eyes were bloodshot and he had several sores on his face. The man opened his mouth, giving Mikkel a menacing smile, showing his half rotted teeth.
The druggy had a knife to Damon’s throat. He could see that it was held too tightly to Damon’s throat, cutting into his skin. Blood trickled down his neck and onto the shirt he had put on. Mikkel doubted the druggy had any idea he was even hurting Damon.
Mikkel didn’t even hesitate. He lifted the gun from Avery’s head and took the shot. The druggy’s eyes got wide and glassy. His arm went slack as he fell in a heap at Damon’s feet. Damon stumbled a little when the druggy’s arm dragged him down, but he recovered quickly.
Mikkel let the Avery Bastard go. The second he did, he shot the man in the leg. The Avery Bastard cried out in pain and fell to the ground. Mikkel didn’t care if he killed the fucker. His entire focus was on Damon and comforting him.
Mikkel drew Damon against him, keeping him close. Mikkel could feel Damon’s body shake against him. He turned them so that Damon didn’t have to look at the Avery Bastard. Plus, Mikkel could keep an eye on the man.
“I’m sorry I left you by yourself in there,” Mikkel said, kissing him on top of his head.
“I’m okay now. I’ll be okay,” Damon said it. Mikkel was sure he said it for his own benefit more than anything else.
“That’s right, baby. You’re just fine. I’ve got you now.”
“Yeah. Just like always.”

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