Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Stresses of Real Life

I let these get to me too much.

But don’t we all

July is the month of TAX. It’s also the month that make me realise I should probably work outside the house.


So that’s not true. Last year TAX didn’t even register because we weren’t behind, we were in front with our money, but ….

You don’t care.

I am drowning. It’s not a new feeling. I had dealt with this for nearly 10 years. So it’s nothing new, and yet it’s still stressful as all get out.

I don’t know how to push it aside, which is really bad as I had hopes for these two weeks, and I’ve only written 2K so far.

On top of this, we only really went to the park once, which probably didn’t help. My kids had to clean up their rooms and it took 2 days for them to get there.

Saying this I had a thought with Taking A Stand – the book I chose to write that 2k on—that I needed to re-write it. I wasn’t happy with how it sat and it was making it hard for me to write it.

Anyway, I forgot my files, which made everything even easier to do, and I write 2K. Then when I got home I was surprised at the fact that not only did it set well. but it actually allowed me just to put it in front of what I already had, and not instead of me being at 4K I’m bumping 6K which is my min. and I still have at least one more sex scene and a fight scene, depending on how I feel about writing it. I’m not sure if I want to end it that way, but I also don’t want that gap, I think the fight is needed…

Erg. It’ll probably go in, and it’s make sense, and it’ll be good, and at the end of the day this book is a dark erotica, so knowing how the alpha is, why the fight was such an important thing will pull the story together.

I’ve also concluded that this will probably be the story I submit which will definitely make the other book 2. I like that idea much better, though I want them to all be stand alone, I like the idea of having a connection other than the world.

Anyway, I also think this shows the darker side and yet it’s not… I think book 2 had a few flags that will fly up where book 1 doesn’t, which I guess says something in itself, but this is a dark erotica, it’s about sex, it’s about fantasy and it’s about darkness that paranormal’s are meant to be. Are thought to be. And I effing love it. But it’s also a reason why I only want them to be around the 6K mark.

LASTLY I was interviewed on Catherine L Byrne’s blog, come check it out HERE, maybe you’ll learn a bit more from me 

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