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April's Interlude

Okay, I have good news and bad news. The bad news is I’m writing the last Pickleville book of the series. There will be only Nine books. Coming Back Home (Pickleville #9) will come out in October.

The good news is I’m doing a giveaway for Places Like Home (Pickleville #7). You can win Places Like Home and a book on my backlist. Just enter below.

(Please note that this is an unedited Excerpt)

WIP Excerpt

“This is the town you grew up in,” Adrianna said and screwed up her nose. She was still driving, had been most of the way because Seth was way too emotional. He wasn’t even sure he would ever stop crying. “This town has one bar in it, Seth. One. That isn’t nearly enough.”
Seth laughed through his tears. “Kendrick and Brad own the bar. At least they did last time I was in town. Not that I was old enough to drink. But every Tuesday Greg would sing and play guitar and Kendrick would let Carter and I come in to the bar for that.”
“Carter. As in the only boy you’ve ever loved. The guy you conveniently lost touch with in the last few years. That Carter.” Adrianna had this look on her face that said she only meant trouble by asking.
“Yes. Can we not talking about him please?”
“No. I want to know more about him. Like what does he look like,” Adrianna said.
Seth smiled for the first time since getting the phone call last night. “Don’t make me feel better. I’m not ready to feel better.”
“Hey, I’m asking for myself. I need to get a visual here,” Adrianna wriggled her eyebrows at him.
Seth rolled his eyes. Even though he knew she was just trying to take his mind off of finally making it to the farm. It was going to be weird seeing it after five years of being gone. Now his dad wasn’t going to be walking in from the fields or standing in the doorway of the barn. It was something he dreaded experiencing. He thought about what it would be like and those thoughts played on an endless loop inside his mind.
He felt tears fall down his face once again and his head leaned against the window.
“Oh hey. I was just teasing you. You don’t have to talk about him if it upsets you,” Adrianna said and patted his leg. She misinterpreted his tears though.
“No, Carter was the one bright spot to growing up in this town. He was my everything for a long time. My first crush and then my first love. My protector. My best friend,” Seth said.
“Why’d you stop talking to him?”
“I don’t know. I didn’t do it on purpose. I guess life just got in the way. Sometimes I think I subconsciously missed him too much and then was worse when I talked to him on the phone. I loved him so much, but not enough to stop punishing my dad for making me leave. I was such a stubborn little ass to my dad, Adrianna.”
Kyle never once said anything to Seth. Every phone conversation they both pretended like their huge fight never happened. It was this wedge between them that neither of them talked about but both of them felt. Seth wasn’t sure if his dad regretted pushing Seth to go to college, but Seth regretted not coming back home. He should have been here for holidays and his dad’s birthday. He should had visited at least.
He realized now that his dad just wanted him to experience something beyond this town. Seth was shy and withdrawn most of the time, even now. Even going to college couldn’t eliminate those particular personality traits. Seth understood that his dad wanted him to grow up, gain new friends, and come out of the little shell he had built around himself.
Two out of three wasn’t bad.
While he had matured in the past five years. He had act his age at least. Although to hear Adrianna tell it he acted like an eighty year old monk. The fact that she knew his life consisted of going to work and then coming home to an empty house everyday proved the fact that he had made friends over the years, so he was no longer withdrawn.
College hadn’t been like high school, with school bullies and people making fun of him whenever he wasn’t around Carter. College had been about studying though. He hadn’t went to parties and didn’t drink every weekend, or at all actually. All that hadn’t been his scene, as much as his dad probably did want him to let loose and have fun in life. Seth’s idea of fun had always been a little different than most people his age.
Seth sucked in air through his mouth and let it out through his lungs. He decided to answer Adrianna’s earlier question about Carter. Maybe redirecting his focus would be good for him right now. “Carter is perfection. He’s tall and blond and has these eyes that are so blue,” Seth whispered. Seth pointed to a road up ahead. “Turn right.”

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