Tuesday 17 November 2015

Over Myself

And again I’ve done nothing this week

The plan was to start writing my Christmas story because this one required the less work on my part, aka, I could just write.

I tried to write it twice. Got nearly 2K into one version and realised I was traveling down a road with flickering streetlights. The next time those lights blew the fuck up and there was a long hard road in getting them turned back on.

Both ideas were valid and I liked, only they have no Christmas feel, worse they weren’t what I was looking for in a story

Then Tracy Gee came to me. She’s an awesome plotter, she had stories littering her head and no way of writing them out so she gave me a plot.

I’ve tried to start that one too, only I’ve had problems with it. I have this scene in my head. I have this scene but there needs to have stuff come before it. Or I believe there needs to be stuff before it.

I’ve concluded, however that well, fuck it, I’ll just write the scene and go from there and we’ll see how it goes.

And that’s about it. The story idea is very cute. It’s should be sweet, hectic, and everything Christmas should be. It’s also going to be a 3some ... so that will be fun (in swear tho she either loves 3 men together or  just wants me to write them because this is the 2nd time she’s got me writing it, lol)

I also wouldn’t mind plotting and figuring out what I need for the next 2 stories I have to write. But if I’m honest I’d just like this one writing in this week (it’s only going to be short) and then I’ll move on. I’m not in a rush these books aren’t out until 2016 but I really want them done so I can start working on 2017 – lots of new stuff happening that year & I’m very excited about it)

What else … um … hoping to get into edits with Being That For You and beta re-writes with The Way Life Turns, and loving by co-author of that one because we are turning it Aussie English not US. It’s not really that I ever thought on it, though I did, and I gathered we’d go her way, because…it’s what you do. But no, and I’m excited.

Hell, I’m a lot of things about this book, and in the end it’s showed us that our writing is two different, so we won’t be able to co-write a book, like really co-write it. Instead, we have this awesome series we are going to write in. a world us both created, but …. I’ll talk about it later. it’s something we’ll be working on next year, and hopefully have the first, at least 1 or 2 that will be ready for either our website opening, or the first anniversary (or maybe both, lol)

And that’s it for me this week, catch you one the next one

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