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This is a little different then my Friday post on April Kelley’s blog as I’m going to show use a little about the things I was working on before I went into MM – saying this it means there will def be some female parts (maybe a LOT of them, especially early on)

Anyway, I decided to do this for a little holiday treat. Hope you enjoy

Note: this is an OLD file, well before I learnt anything other than just writing. So you may find sentences that don’t finish, or quite make sense, and I apologies in advance for that. I did not re-read the story before posting.

Title: Bloody Lust
Pairing: MF (heterosexual)
Wrote / Finished: 8/Dec/2010

Holding my breath, instantly hating the sensation of it, I needed the smell, needed the sense more than any other but it didn’t matter at the moment, nothing mattered but getting her out of here.
 Wait when did that happen? As selfish as I was, I had to save her. She had to be gone. Had to be saved, even from me
But would I truly be able to leave her?
That didn’t matter right now, nor will it in the future. My only job was to get her safe. And vanish from her life.
Fuck my chest hurt.
But no matter I do not need that lung to live. Do not need anything to live.
But her...
Shaking my head, tried to get rid of the thoughts that she was my everything. I had to see, hear, what was going on around me, had to get the horrid smell out of my head. It was as if a drug was in the smell, making me groggy, making me want to forget everything and collapse on the woman behind me, to ravage her, to bite her until everything in me was lost.
The worst was that she was an animal, and so lusting after her, wanting her in any form, no matter the size was off limits. I was not to touch her. It was law, Law that the drug around me seemed to push for me to brake.
Why was that? What was she to me really? I had only been with her for a day, had come in and taken her from the Kanti tribe, a group of mortal men and woman, who believed a blood sacrifice from one of the Skinamee’s tribe, a tribe of human’s who were able to shift into the form of an animal, would bring them all kinds of luck, all kinds of good will.
But this one, this woman, was not who they should have taken, this one would get the hole tribe torn apart from putting their hands on the Skinamee’s princess.
“Where are you taking me?” the princess said as she clung to my arms. After finding the woman in her human form, nothing covering her but long thick black hair, I had trouble breathing as I walked over to the bars, pried them open and took her out, were she had hung limply in my arms.
Having her there had felt too good for anyone to endure it, and so I threw her over my shoulder, and took her out. Having to hide in one of their storage tents, they had stayed there for the day and most of the night.
All I had to look at was the beauty that was the princess, her hair in a spill around her body. A body that was nothing but golden white skin, shinning out to me to touch it, to get lost in the feel for silky skin, but I was able to keep my hands to myself. Able to look upon her without tearing my own cloths off, the need to feel her skin against mine had become so difficult to resist that I had made her start talking. And that it seemed was the worse of the ideas. I should have just given in, I should have sunk into her, rather than lean the troubles she was facing, the fact that even though she was scared to be a sacrifice, she would much rather that then be married off as her father was wanting when she returned.
Even the thought of her having a husband that was not me, caused me to pause and change my thoughts.
“Kanible answer me!” she said in a strong voice, a voice that reminded me that she was a princess, and then in a whispered plead against his bare back, “Please.”
I took in a breath, feeling her full breast under my top before, “you wish I knew, they are still searching for us, so I was think we take the longer rout to your tribe.”
“That seems a far idea,” she said, though I could her both the relief that she was not returning as quickly as she hoped that the fear that no matter what she was still returning home.
I walked in silence as she kept a hold of my back and I tried not to have her bounce.
When we reached the bottom of the rock inclined that she would actually have to walk up I pulled her off my shoulder, trying hard to not have her slid down my body, but I wasn’t that successful.
“Are you able to climb, princess?” I asked as she stood below me, her large amber eyes looking up at me in a way that made my blood boil more so then it already was.
Shaking her head slightly she looked behind her at the rocky climb. “Oh, yes, I’m sure I could make it.”
But I didn’t really believe her. She was still swaying on her feet slightly, still looking as if she’s rather be lying on the ground than anywhere else.
“You need to feed,” I said as I grabbed hold of her elbow, holding her up.
She blushed slightly, “Oh, no I’m fine.”
I smiled, “I’m a Kanible, there’s no use telling me that you’re not hungry. What is it that you need and I will get it for you.” I pushed her down so that she sat on a smooth rock, hidden by a few trees.
“Oh, um, I need meat, something with lots of flesh, or blood. I can regain my strength by blood.”
That was something I didn’t know. “Any kind?” I asked tilting my head slightly so that I could read her face.
She licked her lips and swallowed, “Well as far as I know, yes. The entire royal breed is capable of it.”
I took in a breath, “you should have told me this sooner, we could have had you up and running by now.” I said as I knelt on the ground between her knees.
She swallowed again, licked her lips, “what are you doing?” she said and her voice came out in a slight breathier tone.
“Feeding you,” I said, “where would you prefer, the wrist or the neck?”
“What? You’re...”
“Yes, now chose, wrist or neck?”
She swallowed again, and looked away, “what’s your name?” she asked in a small tone.
“Why does it matter?” I said, my tone curious, why would a princess want the name of a petty soldier? I was nothing, even more so that I wasn’t in the same tribe as her. though higher up on their food chain then the human’s that had taken her, but still nothing in a way that would make her wish for that knowledge.
“I rarely feed this way, and...” she blushed, “I would prefer to know the name of the person going to feed me.”
It was my turn to swallow. “Clay,” I told her, looking up into her face.
She smiled, “Clay,” she whispered, and the sound of my name on her lips, on her breath, tightened everything in me to a point that made me think I shouldn’t have offered a point where she would have such a close contact with me.
Clearing her throat she said softly, “I will feed where ever is more comfortable for you, Clay.”
She was giving me the choice. “The neck would be easier,” what was I saying. No, that’s to close.
Her cheeks reddened slightly, making my breath hick up another notch.
“so be it,” she said as if it were nothing, though her eyes, like I was sure mine were, were shinning with a spark that should not have been there, for I was beneath her, and of a different breed.
Leaning forward on my legs I lent up so that the princess would only have to lean forward and break my skin.
Her breath fanned my neck, causing bumps to cover my chest, my groan tightened. Reassuring me that the erection I had been suffering with since I had seen her first was still there.
Her lips brushed my skin. “My name is Kahra,” she whispered, and her teeth cut deep.
Unlike me and my kind, she had no needle point incisors, just hard teeth, and yet the feel of them in my skin was beautiful, made a moan rise in my chest, a moan that I was unable to conceal.
The slow, seductive pulls of my blood, the long licks of my flesh, boiled my body to a point that without any sort of permission, without any restraint I was wrapping my arms around her fragile body, running my hands up the inside of my shirt that she was wearing. Feeling both her mouth and the bumps of her vertebrate under my fingers, life to me couldn’t have been any better.
Or could it? Slowly Kahra’s fingers worked their way across my back, causing another ripple of heat to pull down my back.
When the movement of her mouth stopped, though I wished she had kept on going, luckily she had some sort of brain working in her head, for I had long forgotten anything but the feel of a princess in my hands.
She pulled back and we stood still holding onto each other, lust still a thick fragrance in the air around us. But neither of us did anything, just held suspended in time. Caught in the deep’s pool of amber eyes, her seemingly in my dark blue ones, there was nothing in the world at that moment but Kahra and me, and that was wrong. For she is a princess and holding on to this could have his hand cut off. But more to the horrid point, she was a Skinamee and off limits for me to be having thoughts about, even if the thoughts felt so right in my mind. Even as utter perfection that she was in my arms I couldn’t be with her.
It was sudden death for any who wished to cross breed.
Pulling away from the beauty that was Kahra, my checks heated. How could I be so stupid, to fall for a woman like Kahra.
That there was the problem, if it was just her body that I wanted then things would have been fine, but it’s not. I wanted all of her. And that is something I will never be allowed to have.
“Sorry,” I muttered as my fingers grazed her side, I just couldn’t seem to stop myself from touching her. The agony of letting her go was filling my chest with solid stone.
“Don’t,” Kahra whispered before my fingers had left her body. I froze in please, hoping that I heard her right.  I couldn’t have, could I?
“Please, don’t stop,” she said as she pulled me tighter to her body.
The heat from her encased me, pulled and was not going to let me go. Not that I had any will power were the woman was concerned. She seemed to be a part of me, seemed to want to have a part of me, and I was more than willing to be used in whatever way she wanted. For who was I to tell her no, even from a different tribe she was still a superiors to me, though I wouldn’t have done what she demanded on sight, not when my own tribe was there, but know, there was only two, one princess and one soldier, with nothing but the hunger for flesh and her will to take it.
Her lips slid along my jaw line. Seeming to roll up to my lips rather than nibble. The sensation was like a dream, something that was out of a story others told to excaudate there lovers.
When her lips hit mine, fire pulsed threw out my body, it wouldn’t have surprised me if I turned into a puddle at the lady’s feet, she nipped at my lips before something inside me snapped. Something that took away all thought, all sense and turned me into the animal our kid were meant to be.
Consumed with an animalistic lust I licked at her lips before she moaned and opened up to me. Loving the feel of her in my face, loving the hot breath as she breathed as rapidly as I, I ran my hands up her back again before pushing her back against the rock. Not caring mach about anything except the sweetness of her female body underneath mine.
Minutes, hours, days, years could have passed before I was able to pull myself away from her lips. Rocking back onto my feet, I stood there staring at her panting, her lips red, swollen, her face pink from the exertion of the kisses and the expectation of so much more. her eye lids half masked looking at me with a small curve to her lips, that made me want to fall onto her and start over again.
“Clay?” Kahra said as she looked up at me.
“Are you okay? Why did you stop?” Kahra panted her eyes ranking my body in a way that made it burn all the more from it. My cock was practically yelling to get out of my pants and into her. It had to happen.
I laughed at her questions, “everything fine, sweets, just taking in the view.” My shirt she wore had been pushed up so that one of her breast were practically showing, thought I couldn’t see the nipple, I really wanted to. Her stomach was flat, faint lines showed him just how much she cared for her body. Her legs stretched out longer than ever, smooth and parted they seemed ready to rap around my waist. And then there was her core. Swollen with need, dripping wet, I wanted nothing more than to taste her, to live in her.
“Clay,” Kahra moaned throwing her head back, her back arched, my breath caught in my throat, and my hands went to the tied at the top of my pants.
With shaken hands I managed to undo my pants and pulled them down my legs, freeing the length of myself to her.
Her breath cached and my eyes flicked up to her face, they had been staring at the one place I had been dying to get my hands on. “Clay, touch me, please, touch me!” she screamed the last, and everything was lost again.
My hands fumbled with my shirt, the shirt that she was wearing so that she was as bear as me. My fingers worked their way down her body, kneaded her breast until she started grabbing at me, pulling me down on top of her, needing me inside her as much as I needed to be there.
“Now, damn you, I want you now!” Kahra spoke the words harsh, her need pushed to a point that she would do anything to finish. Her fingers were so deep in my back that I could feel the blood trailing down my back. It only turned me on more.
A deep chuckle escaped my lips as pride filled me up, to have a woman like the one under me, so worked up that she would order me to finish her was something that I could not leave alone, and for it to feel so natural, for her to feel as if this wasn’t the first time I had her under me, was another.
I couldn’t let go of the fact that everything about her was perfectly made for me, that I seemed to be perfectly made for her. It was incredible and helped me to be able to lean back down over her and kiss her as I slowly entered the heaven of her body.
A scream rip her mouth from mine as I slammed the last inch into her tight wetness. A smile pulled at my lips as the feel of her muscled walls pulsed around me. Trying to hold onto some form of myself, I watched as she released under me, held onto myself as the rich feel of her grew wetter, thicker, and warmer, pulsing around me like I was the best thing that she had ever felt.
When she was done, she looked at me with a relaxed face, a smile all for me, made the burn in my groan almost unbearable. Sweat trickled down my spine and neck as I tried not to rock into her with a fierceness that could break her.
“Are you okay?” I managed to work past a throat that wanted nothing but the feel of a growl running up it.
“Yes,” she whispered her breath still fast, her body still burning, “but why have you stopped?”
“No idea,” I muttered as I pulled out of her and then slammed back in hard, harder then I should have but she moaned as if it were just a gentle caress and that whipped threw me in a way that I lost all control over my hips, only able to hold onto hers. to hold her there as I pulled out and slammed back in as if I wanted nothing more than to feel the stone beneath her.
“Yes, yes, heavens above, yes!” she chanted as I continued to possess her in a way that I had never been able to do before. No other woman had like this hard a touch.
Nails dug into my back as my hand came up and grabbed at her breast, feeling the meat before twisting her nipple, making her back arch. Her screams for more.
Shifting her hips up, so I was hitting deeper, I bent down and took her nipple into my mouth. Played with the flesh as one of her hands, the one that wasn’t in my back, ran down the front of us and onto the sweet spot of herself, circling her fingers, fast and fast only got my actions doing the same.
“Bite me,” she whispered into my ear, as she done the same with my ear lobe, unable to be gentle as I was.
“you sure,” because I had to be sure, this was something that even amongst ourselves was really done, too much pleasure that you find only wanting more. But with her I would, because even before I was finished I knew I would want more. 
“Yes!” she yelled both at my thrust and as her answer.
I didn’t need any more encouragement. Kissing my way up her body I got to her neck as her hand worked into my hair, pulling me closer, hurrying me alone.
“You sure?”
“Sure,” she panted back, this time I knew that it was nothing but for the bite. And so I opened my mouth, let my incisors clip at her neck, let my tongue lick at the sweat, reading, cleaning, the area, and then I bit down, hard.
Kahra screamed as I took my first pull, coming apart at the seams. My hips worked faster, harder as I took more, ridding wave after wave of orgasm that my bite gave her. and then when my body couldn’t take it anymore, I swallowed the last mouth full, pulled away from her neck and plunged deep inside of her, letting myself go with a roar that would scare away animals, and a scream from her as I pushed her threw another.
My vision blanked and I swear I was propelled into the stars from the force of my release.
When I had come back down enough to be able to see, I found myself lying on top of Kahra, her breaths pushing at my chest, her body limp from her own afterglow.
Lifting slightly I said, “are yo–”
Her arms wrapped around me, holding me on top of her. “Please, let me hold you.”
“Okay, but are you okay?” I asked, unable to stop myself.
“Yes,” she laughed, “oh, heavens yes!”
“That’s good.” I smiled back, running my hands up and down her side, for I couldn’t get my hands on any other part of her.
Sometime later we parted, it was the hardest thing I had ever had to do, and I stood before her as she lifted her arms up to put back on the shirt that I gave her.
Swallowing hard, I pulled up my pants and did the string, seeing to want her as desperately as I had before I ever knew what she felt like. Maybe even more, because of the knowledge.
“We need to get to the top of this ridge,” I said as I looked up at the rocks we would have to climb to be safe for the day, “Unless you wish to just go home the short way?”
“No,” she said a little too fast, and then looked up at me, “No let’s go.”
And so we did. I made her go first that seemed a good idea on the ground, but up in the rock it was difficult for me to keep my hands off her.
Every time she was above me I could see that flesh that I had yet to taste, sometime threw the climb, I found myself with my tongue hanging, inching closer to the flesh. She smelt so good. Like her animal smell, like a ripped female, like me. it was intoxicating, and so by the time we had walked into a cave up the top, gotten so deep inside that the smell around us was nothing but her and damp walls.
I couldn’t take it, she was scanning the area around the cave, trying to find the right place to sleep, her arms stretched up lifting the top she wore so that the curve of her ass showed and I was undone again.
 Unable to resist I rammed into her, causing her to laugh, that sexy laugh that told a man that it was what the show had been for.
Soon she had her face against the wall, hands clamped in one of mine, my face in her neck, scraping teeth along the top of her back.
“Say yes,” I said, for all the lost spaces in my head, I still knew she was too good for me, still knew that I had to be her permission not mine.
“Yes,” she breathed as her face turned sideways and I got the sight of her clean straight lines of her beautiful face.
I kissed her mouth, ran my hand so that I was fingering her wetness.
When she was dripping I turned her around, the movement so quick it surprised a yell out of her. And dropped to my knees, Hands on her thighs I opened her up enough so that I could lick and nip at her damp curls and silky soft lips.
She moaned and pulled at my hair, as I worked her until she was screaming my name, something that was better than all the blood on these lands.
Ripping at my pants I opened them enough so that my cock was swinging free – harder than it should have been after the release I gave it only hours ago – lifted her up by the ass, she wrapped her legs around me and I plunged forwards. Pushing her back into the cave walls. I slammed into her hard and fast, she bit and scratched at me. I nipped and kissed at her. Until with a sweet blood flowing bite, we released together.
When I was able to think, to see, both Kahra and I were on the cave floor. She was still nicely wrapped around my body, holding me as tight as I was holding her.
I moved slightly back then, taking in the beauty of her face and her seeming to do the same to me, and I kissed her. Soft, sweetly, a gentle roll of tongues, and light press of lips as I moved her so that she was laying mostly on me, and we fell asleep, together.

I woke up with a small hand and soft lips running up and down my chest. Smiling I opened my eyes and frowned. Then grabbing her hands in mine, and pulling her away I remembered yesterday, and all that mind-blowing sex.
“You shouldn’t be doing that,” I spoke into the darkness.
She didn’t reply, only looked at me with eyes that were both sad and begging, “If I asked you to leave me here, to not take me home, would you?”
I took in a deep breath, “I can’t do that.”
“Why not,” she said sitting up beside me, naked. Wasn’t she wearing a top when we went to sleep? “You can just say that I died, that they killed me.”
“And start a huge war between the Kanti and the Skinamee’s,” I pointed out. Really it wouldn’t hurt the Kanible’s at all, which is why we had gone. Having no real heart in the matter it would have been an easy extraction.
“So, like you care about that. It’s would actually benefit your people, and mine have been looking for an excuse to start a war for years.”
I took in another huge breath, “and where would you go?” because that was really why I didn’t want to leave her.
She shrugged and the leant back against the wall, making me have to get on all fours to see her better. “I could go over these ranges and explore, anything, really, to not have to marry.”
Yes, I did not want that of her either. “But you will not be safe, alone and in a new place.”
“Then come with me,” she said, her eyes lighting with the idea. Getting up on her knees, she begged. “Please, come with me. There will be no law out there, nothing that says we can’t be together.”
I didn’t speck, just looked at the light in her eyes, just felt the beginnings of a pain that would come out of her leaving me. Even if it were for her to go home, she would still be leaving me and I wouldn’t be able to touch her, and being that I would see her so much... shit...
Her eyes dropped, “unless of course you have others waiting for you at home.”
“No others, or none that will care that much if they thought me dead.” I spoke the truth of why they had really sent me. I had nothing in our tribe, no really friends, no lovers or companions. I had never really wished for any, never second glance at a woman, until this one came into my life.
“Please,” she grabbed at my shoulders, “please come with me.”
There was no real reason not to. It wasn’t as if I would be any happier without her, to be honest I would mostly be worse, my brain shied away from leaving her, not wanting to experience the pain of something that it knew didn’t have to happen. Yes, everything I thought of was pushing more towards leaving with her, to running away. And she was right; here we could not be together.
 Out there... who would know the difference? Who would care?
“Okay,” I whispered, “I’ll come with you.”
She laughed and threw herself at me, raining me with kisses that seemed to go from joy, happiness into a love that squeezed both our hearts and changing us both for the better.
We made love, slow and passionate love, which was more about the joint feeling of togetherness, or rightness than anything else.
Releasing together we lay in the dark until we were able to get back up, to dress and to start our journey into the new world, were living happily was all you could do, forever.

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