Tuesday 5 April 2016

It’s Tuesday

I’d love to say I’ve done with my McGee project but sadly, I’m not. I have about 2K left to write, maybe 3K depending on how the ending comes. I am finding it hard to finish. I’m thinking it’s because I just don’t want it to end. it’s been a LOT time since I started this and then once it’s done it’s going to beta’s and judged.

I’m not sure I’m ready for this to be judged.

Anyway, I’d love to say I’m finished but on Monday, which is today, I told one of my friends that I’d read a couple of books so we could chat about them. Therefore, I had to take the day off to read and therefore today I’m writing it. Finishing it, as I’m doing a beta swop which kinda means I need a book to swop, lol – I also really want to read the book I’m swopping it with so I kinda want it to be done as quick as I can so I can read it.

On other news, I have the plot idea of the first Challenge book. but I want to go to the library and do some big research in order to get the smaller details worked out, and an idea of what I want to other 3 books to be as it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have I hint in the first book for the rest to come. however it’s not really important as what I have planned for the first book will link the characters for the remaining books without their stories having a note in the later.

Still, it wouldn’t be a bad idea to have it slight plotted to make sure. and therefore the library I’m going. (I really don’t want all my research to come from wiki, as we all know that’s can be messed with).

I have made a really cool set of pre-made cover art, below, and yeah… just want to show them off since I’m actually quite proud of them

And lastly I finished my short for the next QSF contest. I’m not really sure about it, if it’ll work but I like the idea behind it and I think I pushed a different LGBT+ other than MM without really throwing it in your face. however, like I’m kinda famous for, I left the end hanging wide open. Which could be my downfall in actually winning, but it’s very me and I think for something like this it’ll be perfect to showcase me while following the guidelines. And really isn’t that what these things are for.

I’m waiting for them to open up the cover competition. Okay so I’m hoping they will again. I’ve been trying to think of something cool ideas to put in. I’m not sure yet though I have a few of them. kinda just letting them sit.

And I don’t want to make a cover art for something that might not even be needed as it’s pretty specific. Unless I make it not….

Anyway, so that’s it.

This week I’m finishing my McGee story, beta reading and just reading. I haven’t done a lot of that these last two months and I’m not liking that. so reading and researching for the next week or fortnight even.

I’m even going to have something new starting. As I want to get back into read a book a day, with a novel on the weekends. I want to get back to READING, I’m missing it.

So anyway, that’s me for this week, how’ve you been? what’s your plans?

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