Tuesday 13 September 2016

Being Sick Sucks

I’m not joking, I thought what my daughter had been going through was just hay fever because no one else in the family had gotten the sickness, and it has been probably over 3 weeks but I was mistaken. Mistaken in the way of a flu and all the other wonderful crap she went through.

This meant the end of last week and over my weekend has been a wash as well as probably the next couple of days, because despite everything I’ve got to take cold and flu tablets and they stuff with my head. But not taking it means I end up with vertigo, which don’t want either. I’m hoping only one more day and I’ll be okay enough to not need them anymore.

On then though means I have no creativity, not really, even when all I want to go it write. Which is kinda how things normally go. Want to write when I can’t, don’t want to write when I need to.

Anyway, this week I’m beta reading a Christmas story, looking forward to it, but hating myself because of the sickness that’s not making me able to concentrate enough to beta it

I also want to re-read Encounter Space series and then write out or figure out enough of a plot for them, so it’s just about writing 2K a night as I’m hoping to be able to move house in the upcoming weeks and therefore can’t be creative in those times either.

Now, you may ask why I need to outline when I’m normally a panster? And I am but these next two book have to lead us somewhere, it’s not very far but in order for our dear John to get himself a HEA two books need to get him to the place where he can come to the conclusion of what he is. Though on one hand this series isn’t really about the plot and yet the plot will be there. Both these next two stories will have the means to get John where he needs to be but in all honestly you shouldn’t need to read either to get him there. He’ll be standing  on the burnt remains of the person who he blames the most but who will also be the key of pulling him back together of making him let it all go.

Now these two books were always going to be written, like with an An Alphas World, as readers demand (I excaudate, they just wish) they don’t get pushed in front of what’s already there, that’s not how I am. Hell, if I didn’t see the reasoning I wouldn’t write the second book at all, but 2 of my stories need an ending and I’ll get there but first…always a but first…. *evil smile*

I also have a feeling that in the upcoming years I’ll be doing my best to finish out the main parts of the series, or maybe just these two books as I have at least 3 novels I wish to write and I’m feeling that they are going to be coming sooner rather than later. But this might be more towards what I plan on doing outside of that. Like when I study. When I start to find a job that isn’t writing. Those things that will need to come first and therefore will free me up to write something that will take time. I have 3 novels. That need to be written. And I’m planning on getting to them in the next 5 years.

So cleaning and writing this week. That’s the plan anyway. What are you up to??

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