Thursday 15 September 2016

Big News that Changes Nothing

So like the title of this post says nothing I’m about to say is new, or kinda is. None of it is anything I haven’t said before, and more so could change before I get to it, though I doubt it. I think this is where I need to go, where my writing is taking me. And I also need to find a job, which means I need to get a degree of some sort as I’ve not worked in 10 years, actually think it’s been longer then that since my son is 10 turning 11 early next year and I wasn’t working a few months before being pregnant. So, shit, nearly 12 years. That’s a long time for not working, especially when you want something specific rather than whatever you can get mean I have to go back to school.

To do that I need money, which means sitting on plans until I have it. So the next two to three years I’m saving and hopefully studying.

Anyway, what’s the nothing changed, but changing. In 2019 I will be changing from writing short stories. I am not a romance writer and I think I need to actually stop. Or at least see if I can do Heeley in a different way… well really I’m just going to stop writing short stories, and that’s not really true either as I will be it won’t be the same. I’m going to become a novel writer. I think that’s what my style of writing needs, plus I can write romance I’m just not a romance writer and I know that seems contradictory but it’s true.

I’m going to write 2 novels a year 1 McGee book and 1 Heeley book, and if I write more that’s cool, if I through in a few short stories here and there, then that’s what I do, but 100K a year is about as max as I’m going to go. Because I can’t make it as an author, not where I am. Not what I’m doing and so I need to stop kidding myself and look to the future.

So in 2019 my 2nd YA novel from McGee will most likely be McAllister: Chasing Shadows, or whatever title I put on that cover. It’s actually a shorter novel as I’m looking at around 40K

My First Heeley novel will be from An Alphas World. My second will be a cowboy vampire story. Both will feature a romance but it’ll be different, more my style and longer.

Fingers crossed I can pull a novel off, because I truly believe it’s the only way I’ll be notices because I’m not a romance writer, my style is to different and in novel form that won’t be as farfetched.

So in the two years to come I’ll be finishing off series I need to finish in order to pull this off. Which means you will get

An Alphas world 2 and 3
Encounter Space 3 – 4
And something else that isn’t ready to be spoken about.

I’m also most likely going to be shutting down my blog, in a way, and reopening it to be something different, something I’d prefer it to be. Something more personal. I’ll give links for people to find other options elsewhere, but being as I have a newsletter now, and that I’m just struggling with computer issues and most likely will be for the next 6 months at a min. that it’s safe to say this could be one of my last post.

I’m hopeful that this isn’t true, but I honestly need to get a lot of thing off my plate, I need to finish things up and get ready for October next year and I’m getting distracted by life and that’s not helping anyone.

I will make it more official, depending on what I feel, I think for me right now jumping into anything quickly is a bad idea, so I’ll take the 1.5 weeks for me moving house and then the 2 weeks of my children being on school holidays to rethink my priorities and what I want and need to do. Schedule and make lists and I’ll be getting back to you with what I decide. Which sucks because I was just getting the hang of this whole people caring but it’s stress I don’t need and I also need to think of the future but along with that need to tie up some lose ends on my past and to take the time to create me as something that I can deal with whole working, and living and at the moment writing is just another stress and that doesn’t make me productive in any way.


  1. Not too wise, earthling:
    Im an NDE and
    Satan lies like a Persian rug.
    Make Your Choice -SAW

  2. Coming to my BIG-ol,
    John Belushi, party-hardy
    in Seventh-Heaven??
    Yes, earthling, I had an NDE...
    so I pretty much know s'up.
    Make Your Choice -SAW