Wednesday, 31 August 2011

book review, marathon (Siren's Storm)

Vengeance is eternal....
(read: 26/Aug)

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Siren’s Storm
Series: book 1
Pub: 2011, Random House
Author: Lisa Papademetriou
Cat: mythology fiction (Greek)
Format: paperback (mid); 206 pp w/ 14 chapters
Age Range: YA

Nothing has been the same for Will ever since what happened last summer. One day, on an ordinary sailing trip with his brother, there is a strange accident. When Will wakes up, he learns his brother has disappeared, presumed drowned. Worst of all, Will can't remember what happened - his family finds him unconscious, with no memory of the accident.

Now Will and his best friend and neighbour, Gretchen, are starting a new summer. Gretchen seems troubled - her sleepwalking habit is getting worse, and she keeps waking up closer and closer to the water. Will is drawn to Asia, the exotic new girl in town. Nobody knows where she's from - all Will knows is that her beauty and her mesmerizing voice have a powerful effect on people.

Then there is another mysterious drowning, and Will and Gretchen begin to wonder: Is Asia just another beautiful, wealthy summer resident? Or is she something entirely more sinister . . . and inhuman?

this book surprised me and I think more in the fact that I didn’t think I would like it as much as I did (being it’s a younger YA book) but it was a great book.
So it’s many about mermaids and the beginning of series, so it was all about learning what the hell they were, what mermaids and where they came from, why they were there and what they wanted, or who? And honestly if I start going into it I will come out just telling you the book and it’s a thing I hate about reviews so that it.
The things I loved the most where the characters, even Kirk who is the towns nutter, and in the real way not the funny way. Will (male lead) who needs to understand so many things, from what the hell happened that night his brother died, to who the hell Asia was. And Gretchen who’s just making it threw the day, honestly the book was great, the history—both with the journal and Asia’s story. they way your understand why things happened the way they did and even the love that blossoming in a way it (well I think) really does happen, a not want to ruin friendship, kinda young love.
Honestly, it’s quick and shot and pulls you until the very end, which is complete but makes you want so much more.

[tb], Fury’s Fire