Wednesday, 31 August 2011

book review, marathon (a vampire's penance)

He’s the good kind of Vampire. Sort of.
 (read: 1/9/11)

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A Vampire’s Penance
Pub: 2010, MIRA
Author: Jennifer Armintrout
Cat: paranormal romance
Format: paperback (mid); 225 pp w/ 20 chapters
Whose: Graf & Jessa
Age Range: adults

Buried in the Heartland is a town that no one enters or leaves. Graf McDonald was the first visitor in more than five years... and he was only looking for a party! Unfortunately, Penance, Ohio, is not that place. After having been isolated for so long, its inhabitants don’t take kindly to strangers.

Jessa is the only one who trusts Graf, and she’s desperate for the kind of protection that only a vampire like him can provide. Supplies are low, the locals are stirring for a sacrifice and there’s a monster lurking in the woods. New men are hard to come by in the lonesome town, and this handsome stranger might be Jessa’s only help for salvation. Even if she had to die first...

First thought: it’s about... wow, a village that’s been stuck in time (they think) for five years until a vamp comes along?
So this book was slow to start with though it was interesting having the vampire being the clueless one. It’s great. And made up for its start. What also helped was the finish (or just over halfway) it was heart pounding, ranching. Sympathy for Jessa and maybe a little for Graf.
I also loved the characters... Graf, the vampire, than man (read to fully understand) he is a great character, a man that was bloodthirsty, and ready to kill anyone, but Jessa. What more could you won’t.
And then Jessa, the female like most. Fallen in love with a jackass only to have him marry another. Betrayal, infidelity, lust and ruined reputation, was how we found Jessa. What we discover is the heart that beats in her chest and the hurt that comes from it all. She is the btich we all have in us when you still have our pride and the softness that needs to be loved. She a character that you will either understand, hate and love all at once. While hoping you are that strong.
Oh, and God the towns folk. They are awesomely great. And living like that. No wonder they were half crazy.
Honestly this book is a welcome surprise. Short and sweet with a bite that will fire you up in too many ways to understand but man the comedown is a beauty.