Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Clean Out

So tragic and all as it seems, I'm cleaning out my YA bookshelf (would do adults but I haven't any needed to). So too full that I couldn't find any room for the new ones. 

So, these books are obviously the ones that I have gone bored of I could never read them flat out.
  • Shiver & Linger by Maggie Stiefvater. these are book one and two in the Mercy Falls wolf trilogy, the last being Forever. 
okay, so the books are about werewolves, a group of people who change into a wolf when ever the temperature drops, some can live this way for years, changing back and forth, but eventually they will turn into the wolf and become lost. this is what's about to happen to Sam (the male lead) he hates what he is, and for some reason, even though he's quite young he's about to be lost to his wolf. then there's the only times he liked being in wolf form and that's to watch Grace (female lead) she's a girl who's alone even in a house full of people, not quite fitting in with the family. anyway, they meet, because for some reason Sam manages to change back into a man when he's injured and they fall in love. things happen and then the end pulls at your heart. 
    They are great looking books with killer covers, and the printing is awesome to. but unfortunately not everything is about presentation.I liked Shiver - or more so it was the only one that I read, and I will say this, it was a beautiful book, written in a way that made you not want to put it down, the characters where great, the plot wonderful. I actually loved this book, but I could never really read this over and over, it was more a once read for me (which isn't that great, I like books that I can read over and over without boring myself). I went and got Linger though I was never really sure why. and I could never read it. even though the style was great and there had been great vlogs on the book. I know other people generally liked the book, but I couldn't read it. I told myself time and time again that it was because I didn't want to ruin the first book, but really, I just wasn't interested in the series to fall into the second as much as I had the first.
  • Storm Glass by Maria V. Snyder, book one in the Glass trilogy. Sea Glass & Spy Glass, finsihes the trilogy.
I'm sorry, but I can't tell you what this book is about. since I've never read it. but this is a series off another one and  I loved, and I know that Maria is a great author and I'm sure this book is just as good as the ones before, but I just couldn't read. and this was in a 'I actually tried to' kinda way. but I just couldn't, even though it was, it wasn't my thing, maybe because it was more about magic right off the bat than the last trilogy, or maybe I just didn't really care all that much about the main character when she was in the precious books to care much about her in these ones. who really knows, but, yeah. I only read about a chapter.
  • Intertwined by Gena Showalter, first book in series of same name. following are Unravelled & Twisted

I actually read this book, my review: This book, though good confusing to talk about in simple words or maybe it’s too hard to think around all the characters while making it simple.
   There a four main characters, Aden, the one spoke about above, is this kid who lusts  - no this is a teen book, so falls for a beautiful Vampire, who’s protector is a werewolf, who has fallen for Mary Ann, who is the opposite to Aden and the only person that can make his voice go away, there’s also a feeling he find for her, though as I’ve always seen it, right from the start, it’s like a family kind of feeling, like she’s his long lost sister or something. You know more protecting her because of a sister thing, then anything else.
   And so it makes it hard, like Riley and Aden threatening each other if they hurt the person they feel protective over, and yet they both feel protective over the same two chicks. The feelings for each are just the opposite.
   I really liked this book, more so then I thought I would, it was like her adults’ work, truly beautiful to read, a great story line and a read that hooks you. 
  • the Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff. this is the first book in series, the next is 'the replacement 2'
this book was also one that I read, here's the review I wrote on it:

   So this wasn’t my favourites of books, though everything about it was good, even the story, I just couldn’t lose myself in it, and that meant that it took me, like, forever to finish the thing (not a good thing for me). I like Mackie as a character, liked that he had to fit in, the way he was, that he couldn’t draw attention to himself, which he had to fit in when clearly he didn’t. Or did he?

  Children constantly dye in the town, and Mackie was the only one that lived longer than a week, which is a big deal, only problem, is now he’s getting sick. To me it was really his sister that got him back into the world in which he came, since he needed help to live so she bargained for it, making him have to play in a band for the people underground.

  Mackie she asks for his help. Though reluctant to be the hero he ends up realising the only way to be happy is with a girl that needs more from him that he might be able to give. 
  • Raised by Wolves by Jennifer Lynn Barnes. first book in series of same name. next comes Trails by Fire

I also read this book, here's my review: So first lets me say, so weird to read a book when the man character has your name. Luckily I thought that her nick name wasn’t the shortening of her name, ‘cause then it would have been said more, but still really weird,

  So this book was... repetitive I thought. Though it was good, had great characters that didn’t annoy too much, even the story line was... yeah.

  Like it’s about a werewolf killing her family, the ones that help her raise her, though she’s never been like the others, stronger. Then she finds she’s been lied to, gets in big trouble, so that they take her away and then she goes and kill that of which she’s been told was dead.

  Oh, and gets to be alpha of a pack, even though she’s not a Were.

  I ended up reading this book backwards. It wasn’t like it was... yeah, stuff it, I didn’t find a lot of the book interesting until I found out what happened at the end, it was more that I found as interest in an odd way, like it became more fun to find out how they ended that way, then it did to read it from the start.

  •  Paranormalcy by Kiersten White, first book in series of same name. next is Supernatually
read this book, here's my review on it:
So this book is about this girl, Evie, who is taken in by a government agency to hunt down and tag paranormal creatures. Only what she doesn’t know about herself will cost her everything.
  But Paranormals are being killed and when she meets a shape shifting boy she finds out that she too is one of their files, and a high profile one. They end up leaving the facility after the killer comes and cleans the place out. But not before they see who she is, an identical copy of Evie.

  So the questions start and one the other Evie can answer along with a fairy that just wants to act without explanation.

  Anyway, so it’s about all that along with teen love. 
  •  Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick. the first book in trilogy of same name. next is Cresendeo & Silence
I have already done a review on this book: Click Here.

well, there you have it, all the books that I have gotten rid of. though it's to a good cause, the girls there going to will love them, will read them, a lot more than I will from them sitting on my shelf. 

sweet times, till the next. hope this helped - though it probably didn't, just showed you more of my freakness in the way of having everything somewhere. like my reviews, I have all my books, the ones on my shelf, all reviewed, all them written up. and they will come on this. just you wait and see. anyway, have a great night/day, whatever it is where you are. 

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