Monday, 22 August 2011

a two month recap

hey, how are you all doing?
  me? I'm okay, still a little blocked, and with a killer pain shooting up my back it's hard to concentrate on anything so I thought, why not do this instead. 
  anyway, it's been 8 weeks since I started to fully do my writing. and I mean in a way that swings more to me OCDish behaviour of knowing exactly what I have been doing all the time. like when I write I write down what I did, like the book I was writing, the number of pages, and way in the beginning of this 8weeks it even had when I did something on this blog. 
  yeah, I know kinda pathetic, but it's what I do, and I'm damn good at it (if only it worked with everything, but it doesn't)
so... beside this, yeah over there, is what my worksheet looks like, since if I was to make this out like a job, I need something that shows I'm actually capable of it, not just the end result (again, 'cause I'm weird) and so I made up this sheet so that I can fill it in. I made it using a calender, 'cause I liked the size of the boxes and how they fit on the page. I than made it pretty (like the outside) and put on a title. yeah I'm hard core cool.
  but that's all good, and it doesn't really matter all that much, I guess, just wanted to show you some of my weirdness in the flesh (so to speak).
  well, now that you see that, I'm going to tell you the result, since I, well, worked it out myself, in a bid to find something to do that wasn't writing my book.
  so all up in this 8weeks I have written 64 and a half pages - this is A4 single spaced, by the way. I have spent more time than ever on this blog, but honestly I'm liking the end result of it, so it's okay, just means, I think, that I need to spot it. get a life maybe, write my in my books, probably. anyway. 
  I have written that many pages in 6 different books I'm working on. Once in the first book in my Monsters Inc. (yes, it took me a while to realise my mistake, but by than it kinda suck for me), this book I'm like already 70 pages into it, and I haven't even really begun, and yet it's begun. not that this matters at all so I'm moving on. ten times I've gone into the YA book I'm currently trying to finish (the one I'm blocked on and talk about all the time), at the moment (like just in case you can read that sheet up there) it's called Elementally Female, but that was because of what the book was meant to be before I completely changed it and created this kickass story instead. 4 times I've written in Body of Darkness, it's my adults novel, four times I've written in Beauty of Summer, which is a prequel novella for the story before. and 3 times in Killing Time, which happens to be the book that helped me realise I can't write one book, that I have to pick and choose.
  so that's what I have been up to in the last eight weeks, along with like 30 or something blogs, including book reviews, but than I have reviewed all the books in 'BOOK SHELF' and am trying to put them all on this blog, 'cause why not, I'm also trying to do it quickly, or I was, lately I have been having other thoughts, which mostly revolve around the next book coming out and all that. 
  also I'm thinking of vlogs, but I'm not sure since I don't want them to go onto youtube, only this (I really don't want that much...), but for my reviews, and maybe just generally, but I haven't really got all that much to say, but I am thinking about starting them with my mass reviews. I'll see, or more so you will. but like I said it all really does depend on if I can put the video up on this or if I have to go threw youtube and if I do...than your out of luck viewing my ugly mug. ha.
  um.. I think that's all. 
  so I'm going to leave you with a line out of Burning Wild by Christine Feehan, it's my fav line in the book and I would have put it in the review but I hadn't realised it was until recently. actually there's two lines, but one is more from context this one in just a line. (and no, I don't believe it's a spoiler)
  though saying that, it's from a part in the book where they are driving home (Emma, and her bodyguards) after Emma got a bit of a shock, and she's thinking about the trouble they are all going threw because of the love they share. this line is one of the bodyguards telling her why it wouldn't matter if she left or stayed.

  "When a man goes his entire life with nothing, Emma, and then he finds a woman who is his entire world, who is everything to him, he'll do anything to protect her," Drake said. "even if you took that ring off, the one you keep pulling off your finger, it wouldn't make a difference in how he feels about you. they would still be able to get to him through you."

  that's strait form the book, Christine's worlds, and she always seems to have one part that pulls at you. this part was just that line that I really liked, there's a hole part I like, but it's, I think, kinda a spoiler, and needs a how lot of explaining on my part, and I don't want to ruin the book if you plan on picking it up.
  so thanks for listening, means heaps. enjoy your night. really it's the least you could do!

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