Wednesday, 17 August 2011

mid-year book loot

Hi all, how's life been treating you? Me! great, I got a heap of cast (well, not true, but good as) and so I went on a wee spree...
  So this is the time that should have been where I bought those other three books, but I didn't and now that it's that time, I got more books! 16 to be correct.

so...let me show you.
young adults, or I hope there all from there are:
  • Forsaken by Jana Oliver. this is the first book in her Demon Trapper series. 
  • Nightshade & Wolfsbane by Andrea Cremer. they are books one and two,in the series.
  • the Dead Girl's Dance by Rachel Caine, this is book two in the Morganville Vampire series 
  • Spellbound by Cara Lynn Schultz
  • Beauty Queens by Libba Bray
  • Born at Midnight, C. C. Hunter, book one in Shadow falls series
  • Vampire Blood Trilogy by Darren Shan, first three in series
the Adults novels are:
  • the Black Dagger Brotherhood, insiders Guide, by J. R. Ward
  • Embraced by Blood by Laurie London, this is book two in her sweetblood seires
  • Dark needs at Night's Edge & Demon from the Dark by Kresley Cole, books five and ten of her Immortal after Dark series
  • Savage Nature by Christine Feehan, book four in her Leopard people series, stuffed up so now I'm missing one, that I will be filling in the next week or two.
  • A Vampire's Penance by Jennifer Armintrout
so I also got 'research' books, and though one of them very much is, the other...yeah, just something I have wanted for awhile now.
  • the Penguin book of Vampire stories edited by Alan Ryan
  • the Definitive book of Body Language by Allan & Barbara Pease. 
see, the last one is defiantly a researcher. but then I'm all about liking my characters have a personality that suits them, and that's real. but I also like to know if I'm doing things right in the way of interaction with others, though it's not like when I write I stop and look threw a book to see if that's what's meant to happen, hell, I just write what's in my head, but if I read things in books, about interactions with others, or see it, it's there, stuck without me realising it's there, and so I thought this should help, make them a little more real, maybe. who the hell really knows.

so there my books for the month, and next and the one after that. though I still want to get, I think, about two, maybe three more books next month (those ones are a must) but there isn't anything else until November. which sucks because I have to hear about them all threw the review blogs/vlogs but they haven't even hit Australian shops yet. though saying that it's good when you have a large amount of feed on the books your looking at, much better to pick and much for that shopping trip.

anywho, hope your life's still puttering on, I know mine is. later!

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