Wednesday, 3 August 2011

some words

hey everyone, how's life?
  great! now, this post is going to be short and sweet, not that you really need me to tell you... 
so, under this one is the short story of month, since I actually wanted it to be a begining of the month thing, and so here you are. below is a shit ass story that I wrote - hell, years ago, and I'm thinking. no it's more than that, I have the actualy stroy outlined and nearly ready to be written, but this is the short story that made me want a full story from it. it was also something I wrote when I wanted to see if, well, I could write sex, and even though it's not that great I did and so... yeah. 
I have writen like ten more pages in my story, I'm up to a part that I have to make boring so that it all makes sense but I really want to get onto the fast pased stuff, and so I'm trying not to let myself skip it, but I might have to so that I can keep on moving. I want the story finished. 
 but while I was there I read Stray by Rachel Vincent, and even though I wont do a review on that book for a week or so (i'm waiting to write it with the next one) I did read a book when I was meant to be writing.  

anyway, it's been like spring here for the last week or so, so my fingers are crossed that this year were finally going to have a summer, but then that makes me think about bush fires since where I live is going to light up nicely, if not this year, than deffiantly next. fun! I love the smell of gum smoke, it's like... I don't know, but I love it. 

have fun everyone, hope your all socking in the sun, you know I am. 

till next time, smile!

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