Sunday, 7 August 2011

something without nothing

Hey everyone, how’s life?
  Me? Cold, seriously, the rain has come back, and with it came to coldness, its shit and yet I still love it. Cold oh cold, let’s face it, nothing is better than a snuggle with your blanket and hot chocolate, maybe even a mussy marshmallow.
  Anyway, talking shit and all, is something that I do best, so is—it seems—me when I try to write my book. I seems to, like, write a page and then I can’t think of anything I’d want to do less (well, maybe vacuuming, or clearing the toilet) than writing the book, hell I’m even up to a great part in it, the part that I have been looking forward to writing since I figured out most of the plot to the book, hell, not even most.
  Anyway, so I really wanted to write this part, but still, nothing. Hell, I can actually write it, when my fingers are on the keys; I can go off, writing page after page. It’s just that as soon as something else comes into my head. A distraction, I seem to like to keep it rather than writing, seriously I suck, and it’s making me think. Though it’s a thought that just goes round and round, and ends up write back here. This is what I really want to do, even if it takes me nowhere, it’s just that do I start my big career now, or wait and see what happens before I put all my time into a job that I will have to take him with me?
  So as you can see, I don’t need anyone but myself telling me that I suck. lol, really, I am though, going to make myself write this part, at least ten pages tonight, and it doesn’t have to be finished, since a lot of this book needs me to go over it and fix it all up. It’s just...yeah, trust me on this, I contradict myself something chronic threw the beginning, but that’s mostly because things change while you’re writing or while I am and... Yeah.
  So this is mostly because I finished reading a book, and I want to do a review on it for you all. Even though I said I wouldn’t but hell, you’ll live, I hope.
  So till next time, and hopefully it will be with me telling you I’ve finished writing my book, don’t count on it but I’m hoping.

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