Wednesday, 10 August 2011

yeah! it's not that I have nothing to say

and more so that I'm just blocking on that particular story and so it goes that what I was doing before was more my style than what I had been trying to do for the last month. It just wasn't working at all, really. 
 So it seems that I'm the type of person that has to do two things at once. seriously it's why my book isn't finished yet, it's because I just can't write a book, it has to flow from my fingers and that can't happen unless I let it flow, and sometimes that's like watching a TV show. One that is only played weekly, but that doesn't matter because even though you haven’t thought about it all week when it comes back on you know everything you need to know to be up to speed. 
  Or is that just me?
But it doesn't really matter all that much, 'cause that's what works for me. and I tried to get it to work the other way, when only one story was on my mind and I was only working on it, that was it, only that piece, and look where's it's gotten me, nowhere, a page or two every second day and even though it doesn't matter, and those pages work and I like them it's really not enough not nearly. But today I have (after I finished what I needed to do today, which meant that I was mostly out of the house) sat down and I have written something completely different. But a story that I have been trying to read for awhile, it’s about a world where – and here’s the surprise – vampires have just come out into it. anyway, it’s been done, yeah I know, may times, though I’m making, or trying to make it a teen one, and I’m also trying to make it like it would be, really, would you all be completely happy if the world of vampires and werewolves came out, ‘cause... yeah, I like to read that shit as much as the next person but, well, it’s different. There isn’t going to be a church group in mine that’s bent on killing all the monsters (I actually have another book of that descriptions, only I’m the church dude, that one’s fun to write.) anyway, this is about her running from the vampires, or more so the main vampire, the King of them at the moment, but he’s not actually in it till book two, if I can work it that way, maybe you’ll see him at the end of this one, I’m still not sure where it’s going to take me, honestly I won’t know until I’m there. This one is about her running away from all those wanting a leg up in the vampire work, who owe crap to a vampire and well, really anyone, if I can write it well I think it could actually become a fun book to read, but who knows if I’ll be able to pull it off or not.
And like always that’s not the point of this bitch/wine/hell yeah talk. So it’s seem I just can’t focus on one thing at a time, which is probably why I ended up finishing my first two books with like a month between them. So I’m not going to try anymore, I’m just going to go where my mind and fingers want to take me.
But anyway, this story that I’m on today is something I have wanted to do, it’s actually one that I started to read a little differently for a while to get what I needed in order to write it better, the style and punctuations, maybe a different way of talking, but it didn’t work, I wrote and re-wrote the first two pages three times, all the same, just slightly different, and to be honest with you I hated every way it started, I hated her as a character she just wasn’t fitting with the back story I was giving her, too much about what’s going on around her and not enough in her own mind, and this chick needs to be kinda...vain, from what she was like before the killing, but that’s the external, since she losses all her friends, every one of them, because of this... thing she does, and even though what they say gets to her, she doesn’t want them to know, so she’s like the same on the outside, but inside something different, or maybe she just sees it differently.
And like you guys care about this at all, really I have to remember that people aren’t as interested in the outer workings of things I’m doing, like I know, if your reading this, that you probably do care, and if that’s so tell me, I can do this a lot, and without giving all that much away, really that’s easy, but as it is, I guess, I’m treating you all like my own mind, letting me write the workings of things, which is cool, I guess, if you find this shit interesting, and I do. I love working on my characters, on the plots, on where I want it to go, on why I want it there, on the back story that makes characters have a depth they wouldn’t have if you don’t have one, even one that may never be told to another, they need to be there.
So if you want to know more about my characters, or at least the characters like I’m talking about them know, than that’s so cool, and I’ll do it, letting you inside even more to my creating a book than I will stop editing myself as much when I’m writing. But as it is, most people I talk to (because I don’t have writer friends) don’t really care, my sister puts up with it, helps me figure things out, tells me what makes sense and what doesn’t, really I don’t know what I would do without her, a lot of my main plots wouldn’t even make complete sense, in the fact that there would be things missing that I would never have seen.
Basically I need writer friends, but that is for next year, unless you are a writer and wants to be my friends, please, that would be so cool of you.
Anyway, onto something more... well, actually I don’t have anything else to say, this was mostly me... I don’t know, telling you something I figured out today. And it’s something you might need to look at as a blink, really just go with it. I most likely won’t me talking about the same story when I write these things.

So that’s me, leaving you on a happy note – or at least I’m happy, feeling relatively free, and can’t want to finish off this part of my story before I head off to sleep. And hay I might post a excerpt of this story out for my next short story, if things work out the way I would like them to, so that you can see the way that I’m writing this particular story (it’s different from the rest, but I try not to have the same style when writing, the same type of voice), I want to know what you like, and if I’m actually doing something that’s not right, or doesn’t work.

So here’s hoping. And more so wondering, and happily writing in bliss that I’m doing an alright job out of it. But hay I’ve written two books and they have come back with a story that’s readable even if the people reading them don’t particularly like the type of book it is, or the style in which they were written (my Nan doesn’t like first party writing, the whole ‘I said’, and my cousin doesn’t like real romance books, you know the ones that are all about falling in love, and they are my first readers, or have been with what I’ve written so far.) but they said their books, ones that need work but are readable. And Nan’s helped my cut what needs cutting, and fix what needs fixing.
  But yeah, sorry about, hell the gut spilling that I have just laid on you. And well, it’s not hard for me to write, or talk and you – my readers – are the ones that have to filter through the crap to get to the part you want.
  I hope it’s not too hard for you. And that you will still read me even when I frustrate you to no end. But I can talk; it’s not something I will ever try to hide, from anyone.

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