Saturday 25 February 2012

In Motion 3; the end

Starting Paragraph: Hunting.... it gives a chill down my spine just thinking about it. But to actually be on one... no words can describe.

What I did: I’m so over this one. Really, this is the last week I’m going to put into this book, unless you all decide that you like this one and then I’ll actually grit my teeth and put all the love I use to have for this book onto paper.

It’s not that I don’t like this story; it’s actually one of those ones that I thought up real well. But I have this book finished. Honestly I would have better luck with book 2 since I only have a base line on what’s going on with that one. Not this one though, book 1 I have done in my head, and so it’s really hard to actually write it anymore.

To me, for lots of reason this book is done. Though I do know that the characters need to be set a little more solid, especially the three males, though I have them where I want them and need to stop using their personalities with other characters in other books, but...

Like I said, this book is done for me, all that’s left is the little detail and a full write, and being that I’m not into a full write at this point; I’m finding it in this difficult to pull back, and so for, I’m finding this whole process annoying, and it’s just not working—also I can’t seem to stop thinking about the other book that I’m working on, which means that I should have started on that one first. And it’s the one I’m going to next week.

I couldn’t do anything else. Really, it’s not so much that I’m over the book but more that I’m done with it if no one wants it finished then it’s not going to be. really, I like the series and it’s the one that I put a lot of thought and time into but it very much the same as what else is out there and I just.... I just...donno, it’s a bit of a waste of time for something people might not be interested in.

Ending Paragraph:--

Did you guys now that I’m trying to write a comic, it’s nothing big, just something fun and simple for my son. Anyway, I’m going about it all the wrong way, or maybe it’s that I just can’t seem to be able to go about it the right way. though saying that I have written a book style thing of it, then turned it into a comic (more spoken words) and I have actually drawn (really badly) the part I have re-written that hand full of time. It’s only amounts to three pages though.... (at least, so far)
Hehe....have a look, (sorry first two are sidways)
 he he, I'm so bad at drawing, but I was going to ask my brother to do the ilistration for me, since he's great at it. 

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