Sunday, 19 February 2012

Movie Night

Underworld Awakening
It's based 12 after the last one (sorry, 2nd--Underworld Evolution). So, basically, it's about saving & protecting Subject 2. About finding someone that was said to be dead and the start of a new war.

I have mix feelings about the movie, mostly because I saw it in 3D, which was my cherry in that world of movies. Sad, but true, and really, I'd have preferred it without. Yeah, parts of it was cool looking, the others, made it a bit too much.
But enough about this shit. It was so totally a set up for another movie and sad as this is, it's the most that I remember about it. Other than the fact that the Subject 2, full exorcist. like really, it was awesome in its creepy ways that it made me smile. What I could have use without was the needle in the eye that seemed to take up a whole scene.
All in all, I'm an Underworld fan. It’s the only vampire movie that I like. Really, ever like, the rest just make me laugh my ass off, and for most, that really, isn't the thing.

By the way, this isn't a review, not at this moment, I think when it comes out on DVD I might review it for you all, but mostly I'm sure you would already have your thoughts on if you'll watch it or not. But still, it’s something I'll think about when that happens. It's also a better then for me, or maybe it's more that I'm obsessive and weird and have to watch things--like I have to read them--more than once, to get any real coherent notes. Though with movies, it's even harder, the first time is all adrenalin. The second is about relaxing enjoyment. The third, I'll tell you about it.

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