Saturday, 18 February 2012

In motion 2

Starting paragraph: “This is just weird,” I muttered trying not to let my body react to anything around me.

What I did: oh, yeah...much easier.

I must take a pause here to talk to you about my writing style—at least the fact that I’m shit at spelling, words in general, and grammar.
I’ve read in a few places, or maybe it was just the one, that the one person spoke to much time that I’ve gotten to a point that I must say this about myself.

Here’s the thing. I just don’t understand it. I’ve never been able to fully grasp the concept of punctuations—comers and all that shit.
It wasn’t until my mother-in-law (if I were married) told me simple—comers were like taking a breath while talking, full stops were a pause, and ‘;’ (sorry, but I really am dumb this way) is a short pause—a deep, maybe slightly meaningful, breath.
Sp that’s how I write; it’s how things work with me.

On this, I also learnt a lot from reading. Each time my brain latched onto something new I learnt what I could , in how to use them from books—so forgive me if they are wrong, it must mean I fucked up horribly or they all had it wrong to begin with.

Still, I try my hardest to have the dialogue—no, know, crap that’s thought—to be as it’s spoken and maybe it’s always like I’m writing in a diary or something (please tell if it’s like that and I’ll change what I’m writing—change it be more how I write, rather then what I want too).

Anyway, I speak of this because I just needed to tell you all this, needed it out there that I’m not the greatest when it comes to the written word (literature), and I do hope that I will get better. As it is I’m already headed that way, I can tell that I’m getting better. And the more I read, the more I write, the better I get.
Maybe, this is how I should have started thing when I was a teen and still couldn’t read worth shit.

This week I....
* Thought way too much about another series. Thought of ways to make the parts I’ve written better, more!
About the fact that I shouldn’t out this here and that there, but mostly about their characters in the first place. How they world act and how not to make them like everyone else.

These thoughts came whole I wasn’t writing the book. Though it’s safe to say once I jump this lasted barrier and I’m on my own free. That I’ll end up thinking about the book I’m writing mostly because I’ll actually really need the info from my brain.

* I started to re-read One Piece, but that’s not really important, but I thought I’d tell ya all anyway, cause it’s graphic novel week at the Book Rat so you know, here I am pushing, though it’s a manga, still, that works, don’t it?

* I haven’t done all that well, this is because I’m just not finding myself interesting in the story, and because of this I’m going to give it one more week, and if I haven’t gotten to a point that I’m interested in the storyline again, I’m giving up. What’s the point of writing something I can’t be bothered to? Really, all it will do is translate, and you guys deserve better than that.

So I wrote 10 pages, but made it all the way to chapter ten—this was done by fact of me just quick noting things and keeping the original parts so that I can write it in later.

Ending paragraph:  
“Right,” Sax smiled. “You are a good little pulped aren’t you?” it was a rhetorical question because as he finished he turned and left the room.

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