Tuesday, 7 February 2012

My talk on The Book Rats February Book Chat

When Misty talks about Negative Reviews and Author/Blogger Relations

I believe with you that negative reviews are...?! what makes something a negative review? Most people say they are just being honest while they watch the person there being ‘honest’ about cry in the dirt. But hey, it’s making you more popular, so why not be ‘honest’?! You see what I’m doing?

And if not, than you really need to get a pamphlet of something because your lacking more than just a misunderstanding with me.

To me, that’s where the problem lies, when does the negative review turn from being about the fact that you just didn’t like it, and you making sure people know why, giving good reasons or just saying it’s not for me, maybe you’ll like it, but here’s why I didn’t’, and smashing that authors face into the dirt because you can. Like really, when does it turn from bullying an author or simple a book, to just being about the fact that you didn’t like it?

And if none of you think that that’s not what this is all about, you have something...well, let’s not be mean but there’s a big difference between negativity because something just wasn’t working for you, and negativity for the fact that you want to be liked. And really, people may read you because of the bitch you’ve turn yourself into but no one actually likes you. No one likes the teen bee, anymore then they like who she picking on.

I know to that I’m being a little bit of a one sided (one minded) hypocrite but I do try my hardest not to actually bitch about things in my reviews, I try not to say too much negative things, but sometimes I hate it, sometimes things piss me off, and I can’t not say that, but I try my best to say it in a way that’s more about learning than it is about anything else, a full view on what I don’t like and why and from that, if it’s something you have a problem with to, than you know, if it isn’t, than read it.

Replying, which is the problem of it all, isn’t it, but that’s what some people do, they snap back, it’s always been that way, and unfortunately that’s when everyone bites, because that’s what they want the most. I have always had this...weird?, thing that I never cared all that much about the bitchiness of people, oh, yeah, I loved gossip, who doesn’t, but it’s the eye in the crowd fight that’s never really interested me. but it’s everyone else sure is, that’s why there’s always a crowd around the two dicks caught in the middle, egging on is just that, and that’s all that happened, you took one little criticism about you work, a bitch back, and then it was all how dear she, how dear she!!!! No one should be allowed to talk to me like that, when the author was just snapping back at the original bitch.

I’m not saying that’s it’s right what the author did, really, who goggles themselves, shit that’s just lame, and lame in the way as old folks talking smack (point). Really. 
I don’t think any of this should have happened, to me there has to be a point where someone grows the fuck up and say, ‘fuckit, this is getting out of hand’ because as it is, no one’s going to remember the blogger who started it by the end of the month, and the author is going to be screwed for a year or so, because a community works the way it always works, and mostly that’s standing behind someone, and sunning the bitch that retaliated. It’s what I like about it, that they work that way, and as an author you should realise that and act appropriately, want do you want most when you right a book?

Do you want every single person that ever in the whole world to read it and think it’s the best thing since sliced bread? Do you truly believe that was ever going to happen?
Is it more that you want people to buy it, so you can make some money out of what you wrote and even more so, would you like them to have you write another? Again, this is the whole, why are you pissing off you target audience?!

The thing about fights is that only one can come out a winner, and it generally isn’t the one bitching about how other thought of their work, it’s the one that just wrote something done and if you left it alone, people would have forgotten it, now, you’ll that one comment and all the response you got will live on. And it’s not like naked pick; this won’t do any good to your career. Though, let me know if it does, it’d be kinda interesting if it was, and would fuck with my perceptions a little.

Thanks for your time
I really hope this doesn't offend anyone, and if so I'm truly sorry. though I'm not sure why? I'm just being honest. 

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