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REVIEW, Bloody Bones

When the monsters are involved, it’s never just one dead body. One way or another the dead multiply. 

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Bloody Bones
Series: Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, book 5
Pub: , Headline
Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
Cat: paranormal fiction
Format: paperback (mid); 434 pp w/ 41 chapters
Age Range: adult                                             

First, there were the dead in the graveyard, two hundred years dead. I’d been hired to raise them to settle a dispute over who owned the land they were buried in.

Then there were the three dead teenagers in the woods, slaughtered in a way I’d never seen before.

And then they found the dead girl, drained of blood and left in her bed. I knew what that meant of course. It didn’t take a degree in preternatural studies to figure out that something was wrong. And I was right in the middle of it. My name is Anita Blake. Welcome to my life...

     Okay, onto my Thoughts
Okay, we are starting to get a little into the series now, it’s not that far but it’s were things start to overlap and important content is passed forward so I’m going to change my reviewing style, maybe for all series, maybe just this one.
I’m am also doing this because it’s a series that I have already read, and so what I reveal from the previous books is something that actually needs to be noted so that other information can be taken in, excepted and understood.

This will include spoilers on previous books (because, sometimes it’s needed, and we are far enough into this series that you really should by starting at the beginning. Not that you have to)

Back story: Richard and Jean-Claude are fright each other for Anita’s affection. They are both dating her. Anita isn’t so sure about Richard anymore, for the fact that he’s furry and she’s not use to seeing them as anything but monsters—this works to with Jean-Claude, but she flat out tells him he’s a monster, there’s no blurry lines.

Um...oh, the were-porn, there is a bunch of prono films floating around where of werewolves and leopards (mostly). The one Anita watched, thanks to Edward, had a human being killed and then eaten at the end.

Anita is considered a dominate were-animal, though obviously not animal, because she killed one of Marcus’ (the pack leader)  enforcers at their first meeting with him and the other animal group, and she had already taken one werewolf under her protection, mostly from Richard, this is another thing that gets between the pair.

Oh, and one more thing, Anita, without the vampire can look into Jean-Claude’s eyes without being trapped (it’s important), they don’t know why this is happening.

This one: this is the one that we get to know Jean-Claude a little better as well with Larry because they are all heading out of the city so that Anita can lift up a mass grave and see who they are and where they are from so that the land owners can build on it.
Oh, and Jason is in this one two.

But in this town is a Master Vampire in town has a talent for ghosts, the rotting and putting images in your head that you want, making you live in that feeling. Anita tries to find out who’s killing as well as staying clear of the vampires, but nothing like that ever turns out and she’s put into the middle of a mess she doesn’t think she can get out of. 

This is one of those unfortunate ones that wasn’t a complete hit with me. Yeah, I liked reading it the first time, and even like the semi newness of the book this time round. But it wasn’t anything near my favourite and it really is the second time reading it, I just...yeah, though I don’t regret it, and I do think, that if you have the opportunity to read the whole series that you should read it,’s not like you need it, not really, she tells you all the crap you need in the next one if that’s what you want. To me, it much less, maybe, I don’t know, it’s like her perception of Jean-Claude as what she originally thought of him. It isn’t till the next book, or even the one after that, the inside life of their life becomes more...interesting, or just as interesting as the crimes, it’s when the balance between her life and work is at its best, at its most, fun. Later it becomes more about her life, than her work.

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