Wednesday, 8 February 2012

The Schedule

What I’m doing:
·         Monday
Review: Sookie Stackhouse series 13/2 to 23/4
Vampire Beach series, 30/4 to 14/5

Wings of the Night series, 21/5 to 16/7 
Books by Susan Kinard 30/7 to 27/8
Night World Series, 3/9 to 24/9

·         Tuesday

·         Wednesday
Review: Anita Blake series until 23/5
Dark-Hunter series, 30/5 to 3/10

·         Thursday
Book Chat: (Discarded Books), (Series or Trilogy in Full), (Anthologies or Insiders Guides),(Others)

·         Friday
Black Dagger Brotherhood series until 30/3
Lords of the Underworld series & Atlantis series 6/4 to 22/6
the Mortal Instrument series 29/6 to 20/7
House of Night series 27/7 to 14/9
Vampire Academy series 21/9 to 12/10

·         Saturday
‘In Motion’ 

so that's what's happening as of buck back reviews
(and so you all know, yes, these are all me re-reading the books, not reading them for the first time)
thanks for the time

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