Wednesday 29 February 2012

REVIEW, Blue Moon

Richard was an alpha werewolf. It was his only serious flaw. We’d broken up after I’d seen him eat somebody

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Blue Moon
Series: Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter, book 8
Pub: 1998, Headline
Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
Cat: paranormal fiction
Format: paperback (mid); 485 pp w/ 46 chapters
Age Range: adult                                             

You never forget your ex-fiancé. And when the call came at three in the morning, I thought for a moment it was him. It wasn’t. It was his brother. And it wasn’t good news. Apparently the former love of my life had got himself thrown into jail for assaulting a woman.

Since I make my living as a preternatural expert, I tend to believe almost anything’s possible. But though he may be one of the monsters, Richard would never harm a woman. So it’s Anita Blake to the rescue. I’ve got just a few days to spring Richard and find out who framed him—and why. There’s a full moon coming, and if my werewolf love is still behind bars when it rises, he’ll be facing a lot worse than an assault change...

This one: this is one of my favourite from the series, (one of the others being the next book) I’m not sure why. Maybe it was because you got to get a closer look at the leopard group, as well as Jason, who has become something of a friend to Anita. We also get to have there jealousy, and maybe even more so we get to see the lengths in which Anita is willing to go, the real lengths that we hadn’t seen before this one. or maybe it’s the amazing sex chase and then scene with Anita and Richard that gets you really understanding the different with Hamilton’s writing style (in this book) and all those around it. 
We have gone to Richard’s home town because, funny as it is (and it is, if you knew Richard) he’s been jailed, on charges of rape. His brother rang up Anita because a blue moon is coming up and no one can know he’s a shifter, more so the idiot thinks he’ll be fine because he didn’t do it (like I said, it’s very him). Anita heads out with some of her leopards and heads straight into domestic pack problems, that start out tense and get, unbelievably violent.

Add a vampire master who didn’t want her on his turf and a bunch of few people turning up dead along with a sheriff who wants nothing more than for her to hightail it out of town before he gets angry, and you have yourself a book that’s fast, bloody and makes you understand the saying, ‘you have to be bad to be good.’

I really liked this one, I think mostly because of the fact that you get to go more into her, the power that are controlling her, and the people around her that aren’t quite sure where they sit.
The leopards and Damien’s relationship with her gets spotlighted and she’s enlightened about the workings of vampires that she never new. More so about Jean-Claude, which I’m sure is what pushes her into the whys of the next book.
I’m not fully sure why I liked this one the most, but I did, and still other than all the big Edward ones, this is my fav. It’s also the point of change, and not so much the next book, but from here on the sex gets heated and graphic and multiplied, so if by this point your still not sure, than stop and find something else to read, because it doesn’t get any different, if anything it becomes more intense from here on out.

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