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REVIEW, Not Quite Wicked

There are two sides to every story....

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Not Quite Wicked
Series: Anthology  
Pub: 2010, Resplendence Publishing, LLC
Authors: Bronwyn Green, Brynn Paulin, Dakota Rebel & Mia Watts
Cat: paranormal romance (sexy fiction)
Format: paperback (mid); 240pp w/ 4 stories
Age Range: adults                                            

Time has painted them as the bad guys, but what if facts have gotten twisted around? There are always two sides to a story. Was the big bad wolf really so bad? Did the snow queen have a cruel heart of ice? What if there’s more to the three bears than meets the eye? Could Ali Baba’s adversary have had ulterior motives? Perhaps the villains are not quite as wicked as they’ve seemed, and maybe they’re heroes and heroines after all. These four steamy tales tell the real truth about these Not Quite Wicked, but definitely sensual, “villains”.

Hey, wait, I don’t remember it ending that way! Pity, though, it would have taught me a whole lot, though I doubt my little mind could truly understand what the hell was going on.
But then what can you expect from the works of these four women...?
Clue?! It’s a three letter word that starts with: Oh, God! Screamed at the top of your lungs. Or mumbled into the crumpled sweet stained sheets.

Yep, four of the hottest tales I’ve read in awhile, or at all, really, these books haven’t really been on my bed side table, mostly because it’s hard to just walk into the shop and buy them (really, they don’t have a section). But that’s me in a nut shell and more so my credit card getting its online workout. Yep, for me, times are changing, but it’s not something you really care about is it.
Okay, let’s move on shall we.

If you’re looking for a little voyeur of foursomes, m/m with a bit of bondage stripped in, then this is the book for you.

The first is the Goldilocks and the Three Bears, and as interesting as it was—or not, really, a story this short, if there was more to take in I think it would have sucked grandpa balls even with the wicked hot sex.
I liked the little paranormal twist and how it worked in getting her into the house, and into the arms of the bears. I also liked the happily ever after, it’s not something I care that much about, but it was entwined threw the story so well, and sweetly that it made you smile at the end (really, some of them don’t, because they are bad at mixing the two so well. I’m also not a happily ever after kinda girl, really, I’m quite happy with a hot one night stand (even two) but I thought the love (hearts and flowers) worked well, and was placed in a way that made it seem much more real, than the sleaziness it could have turned out to be if she had lack’s even a little bit in that forever intent. 

The second is Big Bad Wolf, which had one huge thing in the whole show that I just couldn’t take, but I think that’s because of my mainly thing, nothing to do with the actual story (seriously, can’t deal with girl like men). Other than that it was a good story, very plan though, but hey, it’s my thing, not yours.

The third is Ice Queen and this is mean literally, which kinda sucked when you had the thought of real tales and this one isn’t about the witch in Snow White, it’s about the fae of winter, which actually make more sense, but hey, I had other thoughts.
It’s set in an older time (which to me was a bummer, not my thing, sorry) but it was actually a really nice, a tale that pulled at her hearts as he picked at her nibbles threw the layers that separated them.

The third was more normal, or maybe just nothing paranormal in it, but I think (because I don’t know better) that Mia isn’t fully into the whole supernatural thing in her tales. I did like it, with the power struggle and the lies, the ties and the crumpling of minds and hearts.

and on this note, with a quick word on why I really don’t like writing reviews for these types of books, and this will be the last time I do one, mostly because I can’t seem to stop myself from writing this like a review. So I’ll put it up as one, but never again. I hate writing them because of the detail in which I end up going into each story.

Anyway, it’s a good book and defiantly worth picking up and reading. Even better, or at least where I use these types of books for, it’s something great to have a little read between things. Like TV shows, appointments, ect.

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