Saturday, 11 February 2012

Review, the Forgotten Daughter

Reserved. Elegant. Scarred. 

    Prod dets
The Forgotten Daughter
Series: Bad Blood/the Wolfe Legacy, book
Pub:  2011, Harlequin
Author: Jennie Lucas
Cat: romance
Format: paperback (mid); 249 pp w/ 11 chapters
Whose: Annabelle & Stefano
Age Range: Adult                                             

Sister to seven brothers, Annabelle Wolfe should be used to men, but her trust was shattered the night her father almost killed her. Now Annabelle is an ice-queen, whom no man has ever touched...

Stefano Cortez can tame a wild horse quicker than any man, and this passion heats the blood in his veins. Annabelle may seem untouchable, but beneath the frost, he can see the real woman...

   Now, my Thoughts
This is one of those books that could have gone either way.
It’s about a playboy who wants nothing more than to fuck a woman he’s been told is untouchable. And a woman, who knows his ‘charm’ and is determined to not be another notch on his bedpost.
Problem, she does want to be that notch.

So the first half of the book was about them wanting the same and yet she was denying it to a tee, though she wasn’t....anyway, I’m trying to make the point of why it could have gone wrong. We could have had pages and pages, chapters and chapters of the same thing with nothing really growing, and then suddenly—bam!

But this one, it went smooth, without the finisity of smoothness. And it was heartbreaking, even when they finally gotten together, they were still heartbreaking, really, it’s not that you will be crying, but Lucas writing style is so well done, and the story so well written that you feel what they are feeling, what is driving them, and it’s heartbreaking both in its sappiness and in their past.

Really, when I started reading this, I didn’t think it would be as good as it was. I thought that it would just be another round-about story about two people who couldn’t keep their hands off each other while there thoughts punished them for it. I thought...anyway, it was unique in the way it played out, that it became something interesting and worth the read.

It didn’t even have the pet peeve I have with this series, when she talks to one of her brothers he actually shouldn’t like him. Like the person that wrote about him, I really liked that it. I liked that he was himself.

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