Saturday, 11 February 2012

In Motion 1

This week hasn’t been the biggest of the ones to come, mostly because I didn’t start it until Wednesday and even then that wasn’t that great, not what I hoped for, but then, I had a lot of shit to catch up to in my home life (you know, real life shit)

Paragraph we start off on: It was like something caught between a rubber chicken and a skinned dog.

 What I did this week: let me start by telling you that this is a very old book that I’m working on, and it’s been a long time since I have gotten back to it. How can I tell? Because of how bad my spelling is. Believe me in as short as 6months I have gotten a hellava lot better than what I was, and that I can see how bad I was....

Okay so before we start I should tell you, mostly because it seems the one thing that everyone is interested in. it’s about what you do to write, what you need. Mine is complicated and...maybe not what others do, but it’s something that I have to have.

I can’t write in silence, but then, I’m not too sure if anyone can. It’s more distracting than when there noises and when you get to a point, when you have emotions riding you that have nothing to do with what’s going on around you, you tend to make yourself hear things that aren’t there. At least that’s me. I hate it. But I also find music distracting. I can’t write, at least not a first draft to the sound of music, I have to have the telly, something on the telly, mostly something that I’ve watched a lot, but then I’ve never been able to watch anything fully without something in my hand, without something else to do. Music to me, works when I’m reading and fixing.

I also find that I have to be careful in what I read, it’s not as bad now as it use to be, mostly because I’ve been able to develop my characters a little better. Or at least, then what they were and no matter what I read, the book I’m writing, well, there voice is there. But still it helps if I don’t read something that’s very different than what I want my voice to sound like. Example: I can’t read something very hard core Male when I’m writing in a only female voice (mostly I have to be careful when I read the black dagger brotherhood series, or ones like that, with a very clear voice that can mess with my head).

WED: I’m watching Criminal Minds series 1, and that’s where this will probably stay, very crime related shows/movies, but then I like Crime shows, I like that one hour thing about them, about the crime, the fact that I’m not fully in their head (I have this with my fear shows too).

Today I’m re-reading the last character, just so that my voice stays the same especially threw this part, since it’s the 3rd time writing it, and I’m hoping it will be the last, so keeping the voice level is key. I’m also still in chap 3 and so it’s one of those chapters that I have to have completely done, unlike the rest of the book where I can fiddle with and perfect before it goes any place else.

The re-read was odd, especially when it comes to something I haven’t worked on in quite awhile. It makes me feel happy; because it’s a lot better then I remembered it being. Or maybe more so, it’s better than the first 2 writes, and being that I have been looking over them, remember the info I still need to add. But still, it’s better than...what I remember, and I’m happy about that (don’t get me wrong, I have no delusions, to everyone else this could be crap, I don’t know how people like my writing—at least not outside the family).

I’m finding that I have some similarities to the Sweetblood vampires, the whole aura magic, but I didn’t take it from her, just realised that it was in mine too. I started this series back in ’08; I didn’t read her first book till ’10.
THUR: again, I’m watching Criminal Minds, series 2.
“Are you considered to be a hunter of children when you are a child yourself?

I’m finding it’s really hard to write this book up. I think it’s because of the fact that I have written it twice, maybe because I haven’t finished this book yet. I’m not sure, buts’ hard to trudge threw all the information that I have already written, to place them where there needed, to remember what I’ve already spoken about, because both copies are mixed up in the information highway. It’s almost like I shouldn’t bother with it anymore, like I should have just left it all alone and went about this like it was something new.

But it isn’t. And I really like the way this story goes, I like the flow, the information. It took me a long time to come up with what the things would look like, where they would sit, and what they need in order to have something to hunt, a reason for hunting. Though I’m not sure if I should feel glad about that, I’m not sure if it’s even true, that I do have that type of information, the right stuff, but it’s all about lead and follow, and so I have to start where it starts and let it lead me where it needs to go. More so, I need to figure it all out and hope that when I finish the story everything will fix and if need be I can go back to the start and put in what is needed.

FRI: again, watching Criminal Minds, series 2.
I’ve noticed in my not doing much thing, that my chapters, especially in this one are quite long. I’m not sure if this means that I will have to change the chapters, cut them up, make them smaller, but at the moment, they are that way because I’m going through time periods—why this matters, you’ll see when I finish first draft and pull out the first three chapters.

Also I’ve decided to do this weekly thing, this... way, next time I will just write up a quick over view on the Sat that these will be posted. At least, I’m hoping I’ll find that I don’t need such a distraction as this to be able to write. But at the moment there is just so much re-written shit that’s hard to surge threw, like I’ve said before.

Yeah, got to chapter 4!!! But the scripted shit doesn’t end yet, though it does become more of a way to follow than an actual line to line draft, so it opens me up to interpreting things the way I want to. It’s also only the one copy; I’m left with only the first draft from here on out—well, ‘till I finish that one as well.

And yes! It was the high stretcher of what I was writing that made it hard for me to get into the flow; I’m not doing as bad this time. Though I will have to go back and make everything more...especially the relationship part and even more so her with the two boys and hers with the new guy. 

So it’s SAT and I’ve got this point that I probably won’t be writing anything today, mostly because I’ve got a few things that are needed and a buzz in my heart to read a book, and when I’m thinking like that my own books become shit, or maybe it’s more like the one I’m thinking about.

So overview what’s more of what I’ll be doing though much more detailed. But I’ve already showed my crap....anyway, it will be better from now on and I hope more will get done, but what I have written was hard and a reason that I kept on putting off this book.

I feel, for some reason, that I need to tell you that I write everything when it comes to my books in ‘Californian FB’ in size 12 and single spaces. I want you to have a better understanding of the way I write and how everything is set. You know, so this makes as much sense to you as I can make it.

I ended up writing 6 pages, ending chapter 3 (though that chap three has a lot of gray writing—which is what I do when I think it needs re-doing, or more so, with this one,  it’s the older version that I’m put in, the parts that need more dialogue and that crap) I’m also just started out chap 4.

Paragraph we end the week with: My thoughts were shattered from the thoughts on Connor and Saxon and the slight unsteadiness I felt when thinking about it, seeing them made me feel as if I was missing something, and I knew that I was, but this was something in a relationship type of way, and it about them two, not with someone else. I wouldn’t have cared one way or another if it was that, this....was something very different.

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