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REVIEW, Ghost Stalker

Two sworn enemies unite in this timeless romance of the otherworld....

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Ghost Stalker
Series: The trackers, book
Pub: 2011, Mills & Boon (Nocturne/harlequin)
Author: Jenna Kernan
Cat: paranormal romance
Format: paperback (sm); 275 pp w/ 28 chapters
Whose: Nick & Jesse
Age Range: adult                                             

When wounded wolf Skinwalker, Nick Chien, comes under the care of Jesse Healy, she knows it’s her duty as a Dreamwalker to kill him. But there’s something about the handsome stranger that stays her hand....

A tense truce forms as they realise they must work together to defeat a common, deadly enemy. Nagi—the Ruler of Ghost—is building a spirit army designed to destroy all. To stop him, Jesse will need Nick’s help. But once close to the lure of Nick, will she commit the ultimate sin?

     Okay, now onto my Thoughts
This was one of those books that have a few problems, and looking back onto it, I can only think of them. Only remember what annoyed me. But still, I really liked the story. It’s was....

That’s that problem, it was..... what? I don’t know. But I liked it. I couldn’t put it down without knowing what happened, with the end of the story. But....there were a few things that annoyed me. though most of it was stuff that’s so understandable that most prob’ly don’t notice, I only do because I’ve faced the problem and found that if you lucky enough to see the mistake you’ve made (not that it’s a mistake, just...I don’t know, repetitive), it’s not something that can be fixed once you find it, at least not in a way that makes anything easy. Still, it annoyed me a little, and yet, looking back, it wasn’t that often, mostly at the beginning.

I really did like the book, even though it had 2 of my pet peeves in it (one being the first sex scene between them, when they got to the hot and heavy half and then cut to something completely different in the story—yeah, we needed to have that part, but now!?!!. it just annoys the hell out of me, when I’m all hot I want to stay that way, or the sex scene does nothing but make you feel like the voyeur you are (when there’s not actually taking from the experience it’s just weird, I find that you also really read it, and see the things that don’t quite add up).

Didn’t I mention that I really liked this book?! It’s weird, but must fully come down to the fact that it was her writing, she pulls you into a story that you might not like if other wrote it. She made you want to read it, even when you saw things that annoyed you. And that made it one of the most enjoyable books I have read in awhile.

And all this I haven’t said anything, at all, about the characters, the plot. Maybe that’s a point, maybe it was just...bland, in a way that can’t be too talked about, because I don’t want to do a retelling? Or maybe it’s too complex that I’m not sure how to word someone else’s world? the thing is it’s a little of both, being that it’s a quick read, it has a lot of deep things, a lot of words that aren’t....real, I suppose, and they don’t particularly tell you what everything is, which is what I found best about it, maybe it would more if I read a first book from this series, I don’t know (they did have a glossary at the back of all the words, there are a lot). Though you got it all, it was more about what was happening around them, then what was actually said, and maybe that would be a problem for someone who isn’t that great at subtext.  So if this is the case, then reading the first book might help you out more.

The characters where.... (I seem to be doing this a lot), Nick and Jessie were great characters, ones that are everyone, and no one you know. They could very well be you. I found though that it seemed we were meant to feel sorry or maybe even mothering of Nick, but there just wasn’t enough back story, or real emotions that got his story pulling at your heartstrings. It basically, to me, the relationship, was just missing something, like 5-10 pages maybe. It seemed to be that they went from fear to love in a heartbeat that was never heard. I found that I cared more about the his friends, and even though it was about them, in a way, I shouldn’t have had stronger feelings towards them then I did the two main character, not that the main characters weren’t worth reading, they just....did that second thing I hate (falling in love when no love was shown before).

I also found that the parts with other people where slightly odd. At time I found that I had to think about what was going on to realise that they had backtracked a little, which wasn’t annoying as it seemed just....odd.

But all in all I really did like this book, and I would recommend it to anyone who enjoyed this type of book.

Oh, by the way, this is a first book, so that makes it even better; she’s not into over explanations about shit that can be said with nothing. Yeah!! (or at least, not a lot of explanation, really, it’s the thing I loved the best), sorry I didn’t find this out before the review, but I’m a lazy bitch and well....

[tb], Soul Whisperer,

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